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  • "The Stratford Shakespeare Festival’s 2010 team is a very strong one indeed"
  • "McKenna anchors the evening, with her righteous anger near its beginning and her recuperative love at its end. Amazing work, as usual."
  • "pure comic gold by Tom Rooney"
  • "Yet in its marvelous clarity and solidity, it sends out a signal that all is well at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival."
  • "The whole cast are good, top to bottom"
- Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star

  • "Tom Rooney is brilliantly witty"
  • "comes to colourful life"
  • "this Winter's Tale well worthwhile"
- J. Kelly Nestruck, Globe and Mail

  • "The production’s greatest strength is its strong ensemble acting, which is as it should be."
  • "The Winter’s Tale is a rich tragicomedy that requires a cast of range and depth. It’s a tribute to the festival that it has assembled the talent to meet the demands of such a play."
- Robert Reid, Kitchener Record

  • "fulfilled to the ultimate degree by the artistry of Director Marti Maraden and the Festival’s richly talented company."
  • "The suspense, passion and magic of this performance give it the appeal of the Arabian Nights."
  • "The audience, gasping with wonder, can leave the theatre with a glow of happy fulfillment."
  • "beautifully satisfying production"
- Alex Suczek, State of the Arts (Grosse Point News)

  • "memorable new production"
  • "director Marti Maraden certainly captures the play's often elusive texture and beautifully explores the vital themes"
  • "stunning visual moments"
  • "Yanna McIntosh, who brings a ravaged dignity to her performance and is positively electrifying"
  • "stellar production"
- Jamie Portman, Canwest News Service

  • "The clarity that comes with simplicity usually produces the stage experiences of greatest moment. Never did that precept ring truer than in the Stratford Shakespeare Festival's revelatory production of The Winter's Tale."
  • "A rare opportunity to catch the play turned to dazzling account."
  • "compelling from the start and, in the end, deeply touching."
- Lawrence B. Johnson, The Detroit News

  • "Maraden directs with a confidence and straightforward zeal that gives this Winter's Tale brilliant clarity."
  • "a strong and passionate production."
- Gary Smith, The Hamilton Spectator

  • "Nothing in world drama can move an audience in quite the same way"
- Robert Cushman, National Post

  • "makes the trip to Stratford worthwhile"
  • "John Pennoyer's design is simply one of the most gorgeous in Stratford's history"
  • "a definite hit"
- Paula Citron, Classical 96.3 fm

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