From left: Mike Shara, Laura Condlln, Seana McKenna, Tom McCamus
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Comedy with a Sense of Awe
Director’s notes by Chris Abraham

In an essay entitled "Thornton Wilder says Yes," theatre critic and historian Bernard Hewitt asks us to see in Thornton Wilder's greatest plays a profound affirmation of life. He christens Wilder's best-known play, Our Town, a "hymn to the humdrum," pointing to the way in which the everyday is elevated to the sacred. In The Matchmaker, Hewitt sees a celebration of the "radical, the pioneering, the exploring, the creative spirit in man . . . a lively song in praise of adventure." In both plays, he points to the presence of "something eternal" running through them.

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Giving Horace His Due
Program notes by James Magruder

In Book Two of Democracy in America (1840), Alexis de Toqueville opines: "There are no dramatic subjects in a country which has witnessed no great political catastrophes and in which love invariably leads by a straight and easy road to matrimony. People who spend every day in the week in making money, and the Sunday in going to church, have nothing to invite the Muse of Comedy."

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