From left: Randy Hughson, Dan Chameroy, Lucy Peacock, Marek Norman, Robin Hutton, Tom Rooney
Andrew Eccles photo
A Poet of Places Unseen
Playwright’s notes by Morris Panych

You can go pretty far by not travelling anywhere.


This adventure of ours began three years ago. I called Marek Norman on the phone. I asked him how he would feel about writing music to some Robert Service poems. A month later he was playing me three of the songs. It was a collaboration so spontaneous and infectious that it simply carried us along with it.

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And When Did Popular Become a Bad Thing?
Program notes by Bob White

As a kid, I was never a fan of family camping expeditions – probably because our family lacked the requisite skills. I’m sure there were times when the erecting of the tent wasn’t accomplished in pouring rain, but memory has my father and me struggling with poles and canvas in a simulacrum of Hurricane Hazel while curses and tears filled the air. My mother hated cooking at the best of times, and the unpacking of the Coleman stove met with more expletives. Meanwhile, my sister, apparently allergic to anything in nature, would insist on staying in the back seat of the car until she could make a dash for the tent and ensconce herself there until the packing up on Sunday afternoon. More ...

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