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Lori Holmes

14th season: Speech-language pathologist and voice coach. Stratford: Since 2001, Lori has had the joy of combining her love of theatre with her love of voice and has become an integral part of the coaching team, where her combined skills are brought to support the challenges of the performing voice. Elsewhere: In London, her private practice, WellSpoken, provides expertise in communication and speaking skill enhancement, accent reduction, voice improvement and voice, fluency (stuttering) and articulation therapy. A dynamic speaker, she provides workshops in voice care and training for various professionals throughout Ontario, including performing artists, teachers, lecturers, auctioneers, clergy and other professional voice users. She is an ongoing presenter for the Artists’ Health Alliance (Toronto) and the Grand Theatre (London), providing workshops and lectures to both professional artists and students in training. In conjunction with Janine Pearson, the Stratford Festival’s Head of Voice and Coaching, she facilitates continuing education workshops for speech-language pathologists to share the tradition of voice and movement work in the theatre with the professional world of speech-language pathologists. For six years she taught the graduate course in Voice and Voice Disorders to speech-language pathology students at Western University. She regularly lectures to otolaryngology residents at the Schulich School of Medicine and is the speech-language pathologist at The Vocal Function Clinic (London Health Sciences Centre), a regional voice assessment centre. Awards: Recognition of Excellence in Teaching, Western. Online: