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Peter Sellars

Stratford debut: Director of A Midsummer Night's Dream: A Chamber Play. Elsewhere: American director Peter Sellars is renowned worldwide for his transformative interpretations of artistic masterpieces and collaborative projects with an extraordinary range of creative artists. His landmark staging of Sophocles’ Ajax (1986), set at the Pentagon, toured Europe and ignited an international career. Other noteworthy theatre projects include The Merchant of Venice (1994), set in southern California with a cast of black, white, Latino and Asian-American actors; Euripides’ The Children of Herakles (2002), focusing on contemporary immigration and refugee issues and experience; and Othello (2009), inspired by and set in the America of newly elected president Barack Obama. Desdemona, Sellars’s 2011 collaboration with Nobel Prize-winning novelist Toni Morrison and Malian composer/singer Rokia Traore, has been performed in Vienna, Brussels, Paris, Berkeley, New York, Berlin, Amsterdam, Naples, and in London as part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad.