Jillian Keiley 2015 large

Jillian Keiley

2015: Director of The Diary of Anne Frank. Second season. Stratford: Alice Through the Looking-Glass. Elsewhere: Artistic Director of English Theatre, National Arts Centre. NAC: Alice Through the Looking-Glass, Metamorphoses and Andy Jones’s adaptation of Tartuffe. Artistic Fraud: The Colony of Unrequited Dreams, Oil and Water, Fear of Flight, Afterimage, Under Wraps, Belly Up, Emile’s Dream, Jesus Christ Superstar, Salvage. Sheila’s Brush: Jack Five Oh. Theatre Newfoundland Labrador: Tempting Providence, Stars in the Sky Morning, Possible Worlds. Globe Theatre (Regina): The Syringa Tree, Honk. Montgomery Theatre: The Wind in the Willows. The Old Trout Puppet Workshop and Ghost River: Sailor Boy. Teatro Della Limonaia (Italy): Tilt. Tasmanian Theatre Company (Australia): Poxed. Opera: Shallaway: Anne and Seamus; Cork Opera Works (Ireland): Orpheus. Training: York University. Awards: Canada Council John Hirsch Prize, Siminovitch Prize for Directing, Honorary Doctorate from Memorial University of Newfoundland.