Victor Ertmanis - Large Photo

Victor Ertmanis

2015: Uwe Sievers in The Physicists, Escanes, First Fisherman in The Adventures of Pericles and appears in The Alchemist. Eighth season. “Hi, guys! I’m back! This is my eighth season at the Festival, but it’s my fiftieth year as a working actor. When I was twelve years old a friend dared me to audition for the school play (an operetta called His Majesty’s Pie) at General Brock Public School. I landed the role of the evil chancellor. There were three performances in all. After the first performance, I got my first girlfriend. After the second, my father congratulated me for the first time. After the third, the playwright – an elegant, silver-haired gentleman and the brother of the then-Lieutenant Governor of Ontario – brought me out of the dressing room to insist, ‘You are going to be an actor, aren’t you?’ Well, I’m happily still at it. Enjoy the show!”