Victor Ertmanis - Large Photo

Victor Ertmanis

Seventh season: Flute in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Gibbet in The Beaux’ Stratagem and appears in King Lear. “Hi, guys. I’ve got a feeling this season is going to be fun. In 49 years on stage I’ve never been in Lear, and Colm and I haven’t worked together since the early eighties. My wife and daughter love that I’m playing a highwayman in Beaux’ but want me to play a pirate someday. As for Dream, who wouldn’t like to play the amateur thespian cast as Thisbe, the young lady-love to Bottom’s character Pyramus? I’m 61 years old, six foot tall and 200 pounds. Comedy? With Ouimette as Bottom I’ll need to be on my toes. On other fronts: last winter I did a workshop of The Hamlet Project: Alisa Palmer directing, Ann-Marie MacDonald writing and the indie band Stars investing the music. I got to sing with rock stars! I love my job!”