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Carla Bennett

Fifth season: Susie in Crazy for You and appears in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Stratford: 42nd Street, Much Ado About Nothing, West Side Story, A Funny... Forum, Guys and Dolls, Anything Goes and The King and I. Elsewhere: A Funny... Forum (Mirvish); Legally Blonde (Aquarius); Spamalot, Dance Legends, Guys and Dolls, Sweet Charity (Drayton Entertainment); Houdini (Theatre Outremont); The Producers, White Christmas, Beauty and the Beast, Evita and Chicago (Neptune Theatre). Film/TV (selected): Warehouse 13, Beauty and the Beast, The Ron James Show, Hellcats, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Slings and Arrows, Jeff Ltd., The Jane Show, Soul Food, Honey, Stormy Weather and associate choreographer for the feature film Pacific Rim.