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Minds Pushed to the Edge

In drama, the greater the conflict, the more riveting the result. This is the beauty of theatre: in a safe environment we watch titanic struggles and laugh or perhaps cry at the outcome. And along the way we gain a little bit of insight.


In that light, I am excited to present a season of plays in which the characters are pushed to the very edge of their capabilities – and, in order to cope, must change or die. Metamorphosis, for instance, is at the very heart of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Events that could be tragic become the stuff of comedy. The opposite takes place in King Lear.


The plays in the 2014 season give us extraordinary characters pushed to the edge by war, by desire, by family and, above all, by love. These characters are the most cherished embodiments of our journey as people. We may begin as Alice and in time become Helena, Christina, Cleopatra, Judith Bliss, Mother Courage, Bottom, Don Quixote or Lear.


I’m proud to say that the artists who will bring these characters and these plays to vibrant life are among the very finest talents in the world.


So come, see these plays, and engage even further with them through The Forum.


Antoni Cimolino

Artistic Director


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