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Having decided to leave Verona to seek his fortune in Milan, Valentine takes leave of his friend Proteus, who prefers to stay at home and woo his lover, Julia. Soon afterwards, however, Proteus is ordered by his father to follow Valentine – which he does, after swearing an oath of allegiance to Julia. more...

Director’s notes by Dean Gabourie
In 1895, the American theatre manager Augustin Daly revived an operatic adaptation of The Two Gentlemen of Verona that had first been presented nearly seventy-five years earlier. George Bernard Shaw, then the theatre critic for The Saturday Review, described the piece as “not exactly a comic opera, though there is plenty of music in it, and not exactly a serpentine dance, though it proceeds under a play of changing colored lights. It is something more old-fashioned than either: to wit, a vaudeville.” more...

Program notes by Kel Morin-Parsons
Shakespeare is serious business. We study him in school and consider him to represent the pinnacle of poetic expression in English. His influence on our language is so pervasive as to go entirely undetected by many: while most people may have an idea that “To be, or not to be” is owed to him, someone may refer to “gilding the lily” (in fact “paint the lily,” from King John), say that something is “rotten in Denmark” (in fact “rotten in the state of Denmark,” from Hamlet) or complain that something is “Greek to me” (Julius Caesar) and have little idea that Shakespeare gave us those too. The Stratford Shakespeare Festival stands all around us as a tribute to him; scholars write their doctoral theses on him and spend entire careers immersed in his work. In my graduate school days, it was claimed that more books had been written on Hamlet alone than on the Bible. more...

Festival Production History

DIRECTOR: Michael Langham
DESIGNER: Tanya Moiseiwitsch
Lloyd Bochner as Proteus
Eric House as Valentine
Ann Morrish as Julia
Diana Maddox as Silvia

Avon Theatre
DIRECTOR: Robin Phillips
DESIGNER: Molly Harris Campbell
Nicholas Pennell as Proteus
Stephen Russell as Valentine
Mia Anderson as Julia
Jackie Burroughs as Silvia

Third Stage (now the Tom Patterson Theatre)
DIRECTOR: Leon Rubin
David Clark as Proteus
Robert McClure as Valentine
Maggie Huculak as Julia
Michelle Fisk as Silvia

Avon Theatre
DIRECTOR: Robert Beard
DESIGNER: Brian Jackson
Henry Czerny as Proteus
John Wojda as Valentine
Peggy Coffey as Julia
Kim Horsman as Silvia

Tom Patterson Theatre
DIRECTOR: Marti Maraden
DESIGNER: Debra Hanson
Scott Fisher & Neil Ingram as Proteus
Mervon Mehta as Valentine
Helen Taylor as Julia
Daria Martel as Silvia

Festival Theatre
DIRECTOR: Richard Rose
DESIGNER: Teresa Przybylski
David Jansen as Proteus
Graham Abbey as Valentine
Melody A. Johnson as Julia
Tamara Bernier as Silvia


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