Individual Giving

Planned and Legacy Giving

The Case
Classical theatre changes lives. It brings depth, understanding, a sense of purpose – an effect that you experience in a single afternoon or evening but that often lasts for a lifetime. 

Your enjoyment of great classical theatre is likely what prompted you to consider planning a gift to benefit the Festival. Through your gift you know that you will touch audiences at Stratford for generations to come. 

Your Gift
Planning your gift can be as simple as including the Festival in your will, establishing a life insurance policy or trust, or making the Festival the beneficiary of your retirement savings plan.

The Impact
Planned and legacy gifts may be directed to the Stratford Festival or to the endowment fund. Supporting the work of artists, artisans and educators, planned or legacy gifts give donors the satisfaction of knowing that their generosity allows the Festival to prosper.

Browse Types of Planned Gifts  

The most flexible and popular method of charitable gift planning is to create a bequest through your will. Your estate gift could be:

  • a percentage of your estate or a fixed sum of cash, securities or property;
  • a residual bequest whereby the Festival receives all or a portion of the remainder of your estate after all debts, taxes and other bequests have been dispensed;  or  
  • a contingent bequest that provides first for family or friends and comes into effect only when the primary beneficiaries have predeceased you.

A bequest may be acknowledged in your name or in honour or memory of another person. With a bequest of $50,000 or more, you can establish a permanent named fund in our endowment.

If you already have a will and would like to add a bequest for the benefit of the Stratford Festival, a codicil or amendment, consisting of a simple sentence or paragraph, may be the most appropriate way to do so.

To make a bequest to benefit the Festival, please speak with your lawyer about drafting your will. The Festival’s Advancement Office would be pleased to assist you or your lawyer, on a confidential basis, with:

Sample wording for your bequest, U.S. donors
Sample wording for your bequest, Canadian donors

Other Planned Giving Opportunities

To find out more about making the Festival the beneficiary of your insurance policy, retirement savings plan or charitable remainder trust, please click here to download our planned giving brochure for U.S. donors, and please click here to download our planned giving brochure for Canadian donors.

This information does not constitute legal or financial advice and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional advice. The Stratford Festival encourages you to seek professional, legal, estate planning and financial advice before deciding on a course of action.

To receive further information or to discuss your bequest intentions, please contact our Planned Giving Manager, Kathryn McKie, at or 1.800.561.1233, ext 5640.

The Prospero Society
During the 2004 season, the Stratford Festival inaugurated a very special society to recognize patrons and Members who have planned a future gift to benefit the Festival, called The Prospero Society. Members of The Prospero Society are invited to special Festival events, and may choose to be acknowledged in our house and souvenir program (or to remain anonymous.) In all cases, details regarding individual planned gifts will remain strictly confidential. more >>

The Prospero Society is our way of saying thank you, today, to all those who thoughtfully make a commitment, in their estate planning, to support great classical theatre. These future gifts will sustain the Festival, not simply for this season or next, but for all time. The Prospero Society is named after the philosopher who rules an enchanted island in The Tempest, one of Shakespeare’s last and greatest plays. Prospero uses the magical powers he has spent a lifetime acquiring – powers that are often seen as a metaphor for Shakespeare’s own art – to set his world in order and, by arranging a happy union for his daughter, to provide the next generation with a future full of promise and hope.

Prospero Society Events – 2015
In appreciation of your generosity, members of the Prospero Society are invited to join us for one, or more events where you will have an opportunity to  meet our actors and artisans.           






Have you Included a Provision for the Festival in Your Estate Plans?
Yes, I (We) have already included the Festival in our will, or estate planning and would like to let the Festival know:

Click here for the Confidential Letter of Intent Form.
The Prospero Society
The Prospero Society events are one way we can say thank you to you today for your legacy gift tomorrow.

Click here for a listing of Prospero Society events in 2015.