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That Eureka Moment

"We know what we are,
 but know not what we may be."
 – Hamlet

Shakespeare lived in an age of rapid change, a time of new worlds, new beliefs and scientific discoveries. In short, he lived in an age very much like our own. But in that early modern age change was especially unsettling, overturning societal foundations and leading to revolution. In our own time we have not only become inured to change, we welcome it to the point where it is our new faith.

And so for the 2015 season I wanted to explore plays that especially examine discovery. In these plays, characters learn surprising truths about the world around them or perhaps about themselves. In that eureka moment, their lives change forever. How do they deal with that change? At what cost comes knowledge? Since Adam and Eve, these questions have been at the centre of the human narrative. In 2015, through our playbill and in our almost 200 Forum events, we will celebrate the power of the newest god in our pantheon – Discovery.


Antoni Cimolino

Artistic Director


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