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Photograph of the Festival Theatre



Thank you for your interest in Friends of the Festival.

We are a large volunteer organization, united in our love of theatre, and our mission is the support of the Stratford Festival. The majority of our volunteer work involves directly interacting with patrons.  As concierges we welcome people to all performances, chat, answer questions and ensure everyone is at the correct theatre. You will also find volunteers at information desks offering support to patrons. While engaging our theatre goers in conversation you may  be able to share the excitement of someone coming to the theatre for the first time, perhaps hear about a performance in the “tent” or talk with an enthusiastic group of students.

The Festival offers so many opportunities outside of performances. There are a wide variety of Forum events where volunteers provide assistance. Greeting, guiding and checking in guests to events such as lectures, dance workshops, readings, and themed meals are examples of what a volunteer might be doing. A variety of tours are also offered and volunteers facilitate these experiences as patron explore, for example, the Costume Warehouse and Festival Theatre.  It’s certainly rewarding to interact with participants as they enjoy a glimpse into that behind the scenes magic.

As "Front of House" focused volunteers we strive to deliver excellent patron services. Additionally, organizational and management skills and computer competency would be  definite assets. We welcome new members each year and invite those who are interested in considering Friends of the Festival as a volunteer commitment to submit an application to


    We proudly extend our warmest thanks to all our volunteers for their generosity and dedication, and for the vitally important role they play in making the Festival a success.