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Theatre Store. A Shakespeare Statue stands in front of a multi-coloured grid of store items. Items include books, watches, apparel, decor, and toys.

To reach the Store by phone, please call 519.271.4040 ext. 5580

Theatre Store

Remember your last Stratford adventure with our collection of souvenirs and trinkets for theatre lovers.

The Bard's Picks

To call King Lear as a father "intense," would be like calling social media "popular." Intensity for Lear, like social media for most, is an entire way of life. Know someone that fits this profile? Might be time to gift a little something to encourage them to just… chill and enjoy everything Shakespeare.

Fits for a King

A serious chap with a melodious voice and the charisma to sway an army, King Arthur's fatherly persona in Monty Python's Spamalot would resonate with anyone who, like the King, enjoys clacking a couple of coconut shells together whenever they feel like a horseback ride. Translation: An absurdist.

Up for Adventure

In A Wrinkle in Time, Mr. Murray is a dad—not a father. Overflowing with love and positive encouragement, this is a parent figure you want to celebrate. For the person in your life who has been a constant source of inspiration and warmth, why not gift something that means even more quality time together.

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Souvenirs and one-of-a-kind items to keep the Festival with you year-round.

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