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With this programming, we aim to provide teachers and students (Grade 7-12) with new ways of thinking about theatre through Indigenous performance, design and visual art. 

Join multi-disciplinary 2spirit artist and educator Jay Havens of Haudenosaunee - Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) - and Scottish/Canadian ancestry for these remote learning circles. Havens has over 17 years’ experience working across Turtle Island (North America) and internationally on projects for stage, public installation and exhibition. Their practice embraces re-learning the ways of their ancestors and un-learning ways which go against natural cycles as a lifelong challenge and journey.


May 4 7pm (EDT)  Art Movements as History-Telling
In this session, the artist will cover an overview of four art movements: time immemorial, colonial, neocolonial and decolonial as a framework with which to engage forms of Indigenous art-making and history-telling. We will explore ideas of traditionalism, indigenization and inclusion by looking at the resilience in art-making practices within and outside of theatre and performance. 

May 5 7pm (EDT)  Theatre-Making in Traditional Communities 
In this session, we will examine notions of gathering, ceremony, community, memory and storytelling. We invite you to breakdown archaic ideas of Indigenous performance and disrupt the hierarchy attached to theatre (with Shakespeare erroneously viewed as at the top) to recognize and celebrate diverse forms of theatre-making.

• Each session is Pay-What-You-Will (PWYW) with a suggested price of $10.
• Please note that registration closes at noon on May 4.


You can deepen the experience by booking a virtual student workshop in connection with either session. Each workshop will include discussion and some applied learning exercises.
• You must participate in the Teacher PD in order to book a student workshop. You may choose a half-hour student workshop connected to one or both events (depending on if you participate in one or both). 
• Each student workshop is free-of-charge and will take place in May or June at a mutually convenient time.
• After registering for the Teacher PD, you can book these workshops if you wish.


These sessions and the associated student workshops are almost sold out. To register, please contact and we will accept registrations for the few remaining spots on a first come, first served basis.


Watch King Lear, Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet and The Tempest FREE-OF-CHARGE using our Stratford on Film production presented alongside Shakespeare’s text.

(NOTE: The Tempest and Othello PerformancePlus does not include the complete production. You can access The Tempest here and Othello here.)

Each PerformancePlus resource includes video interviews with cast and creative team members, discussion questions and lesson plans.

How To Use PerformancePlus
Below, we’ve shared step-by-step directions and highlighted some of the key features for both virtual and in-person learning.

1) Click on the play you want to see. 

2) You’ll see the script on the left and the film on the right. Click “Start Video” to play the first scene. 
- As the film plays, the lines are highlighted in yellow as they are spoken.
- Unfamiliar terms appear in blue; the definitions appear when you hover over them.
- Directors’ cuts are shaded in gray – you can click “show” to see what they chose to exclude.

3) Using the red bars at the top, you can:
- select a scene (if you click this, you can use the navigation bar that appears on the left to select scenes by act and to go directly to some of the bonus features);
- go to discussion questions or lesson plans for each act;
- watch interviews about the play’s themes with cast and creative team members from the production.

Tailor PerformancePlus to Suit Your Current Learning Mode
• Watching the film scene-by-scene works well for both synchronous and asynchronous learning, at home or at school.
• The discussion questions, organized into five acts, provide a great platform for learning when engaging with the play synchronously, but they can also be used as prompts for students to respond to independently.
• The artistic insights videos provide students with the opportunity to think more deeply and analytically about some of the themes from the play; invite students to explore a few of these on their own.
• The lesson plans are a great fit for in-person learning.

Support for PerformancePlus is generously provided by The John and Myrna Daniels Charitable Foundation.


Looking for Study Guides from our past seasons?   Send us an email.

If you require an accessible version of one or more of the PDF documents listed here (ie. Braille, large print, screen-reader compatible, etc), please send us an email request specifying which document(s) you need, and in which format. For any other requests please contact the Education Department via email.