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PerformancePlus – Workshops and Q&As

Plan a virtual field trip! Watch our Stratford Festival On Film productions of King Lear, Hamlet,Macbeth or Romeo and Juliet, or selected scenes from The Tempest and Othello, FREE OF CHARGE. Each PerformancePlus resource is presented alongside Shakespeare’s text and includes discussion questions, lesson plans and interviews with the cast and creative teams.

Book a post-show workshop or Q&A with cast, crew or creative team members to delve more deeply into the world of your chosen play.

  • One-hour workshops: $8 per person, minimum of 20 people.
  • 30 minute Q&A: $2.75 per person, minimum of 20 people.


Virtual Dance Workshops

One hour: $8 per person, minimum of 20 people.

  • Musical Theatre: Learn choreography for a selected number from a choice of musicals.
  • Shakespearean Dance: Learn elements of Elizabethan dancing as performed in Shakespeare’s plays.
  • Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip-Hop or Ballroom: Learn the fundamentals of one of these styles of dance.


Virtual Acting and Writing Workshops

One hour: $8 per person, minimum of 20 people.

  • Shakespearean Soliloquys: Explore the tools an actor uses to learn and perform these speeches.
  • Partner Scenes: Work together with a partner to explore a selected scene.
  • Voice and Text: Participate in practical exercises focused on voice, text and breath.
  • Musical Theatre Performance: Practise how vocal performance and acting intersect.
  • Playwriting: Learn some of the basic tenets of theatrical storytelling.
  • Improvisational Theatre: Discover techniques to collaboratively create spontaneous theatre.
  • PerformancePlus: Watch selected Stratford Festival On Film productions FREE OF CHARGE, and follow up with a post-show workshop exploring particular themes, scenes and speeches.

Virtual Specialist High Skills Majors (SHSM) Workshops

  • Certification workshops, experiential learning, reach ahead and career exploration activities are available in the following sectors: Arts and Culture, Business, Hospitality and Tourism and Non-profit
  • Contact to create a customized program for your students.

Virtual Q&As

Book a half hour discussion with a theatre professional for your students. 

$2.75 per person, minimum of 20 people.

Topics of these sessions may include:

  • PerformancePlus (watch selected Stratford Festival On Film productions FREE OF CHARGE, and follow up with a post-show Q&A with members of the cast, crew and creative teams)
  • Theatre Production (lighting, sound, projection, rigging, scenery, costumes, props, wigs and makeup, design, stage management)
  • Acting and Performance
  • Playwriting
  • Directing
  • Producing
  • Career Planning

All workshops are taught by professional teaching artists. Customized workshops and Q&As are also available. For details and to book, please contact

Support for bursaries and virtual workshops is generously provided by the John R. McConnell Foundation.