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The Birmingham Conservatory for Classical Theatre trains Canada’s most promising young actors in classical theatre, offering unparalleled access to internationally renowned teachers in preparation for a career on the world’s great stages. Conservatory actors spend eighteen to nineteen weeks interacting with many of the finest coaches, guest directors and instructors in Canadian Theatre. Master classes are given in acting Shakespeare, text, voice, singing, stage combat, period dance, and movement.

The Birmingham Conservatory was founded in 1998 by our then Artistic Director, Richard Monette who envisioned an intensive training period that would enable talented young actors to have a future in classical theatre. Michael Mawson was the Conservatory’s first Director, followed by David Latham and Martha Henry. Currently, the Director is Stephen Ouimette, a veteran actor, director and teacher.

Selected participants are usually graduates of an accredited theatre training program with at least two years’ experience in professional theatre. Participants are paid a weekly bursary.

To apply for a position in the Conservatory, please email your resume and photo to Beth Russell, Casting Director, or Jennifer Emery, Casting Assistant.

We recognize that diversity – in our workplace, in our audiences and on our stages – fosters a rich and creative environment. We are actively engaged in building a more diverse workplace and encourage all qualified applicants to apply.

The Birmingham Conservatory for Classical Theatre at the Stratford Festival is made possible by the support of the Birmingham family, the Stratford Festival Endowment Foundation and the Department of Canadian Heritage. 

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Support for the 2020 in-season work of Conservatory participants is generously provided by the Marilyn & Charles Baillie Fund, and by John & Therese Gardner.


Frank Bach
Nancy Benjamin
Franklin Brasz
Rod Beattie
Evan Buliung
Tim Carroll
Antoni Cimolino
Peggy Coffey
Brad Cook
Paul de Jong
Jonathan Goad
Jane Gooderham
Adrienne Gould
Kate Hennig
Martha Henry
Peter Hinton
Lori Holmes
Thomas Morgan Jones
Josue Laboucane
David Latham
Kennedy C. MacKinnon
Marti Maraden
Kelly McEvenue
Anita Nittoly
Stephen Ouimette
Rebecca Northan
Lucy Peacock
Michael Spencer-Davis
Jennie Such
Terry Tweed
Ian Watson
Kristin Linklater at the Kristin Linklater Voice Centre, Orkney, Scotland