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Bring 10 or more theatre-lovers and take advantage of group savings! Book your group now and pay in full later.

  • Up to 25% savings on group tickets
  • One free ticket for every 20 purchased
  • Flexi-Groups - Get a unique promotion code so your group members can book on their own and enjoy group savings
  • Easy payment options
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Exclusive events to enhance your theatre experience! The Group Specialist in our Box Office will help you plan it all. 

  • Tours: Discover more about the Festival and the magic behind the scenes. Learn More.
  • Guest Speakers: Discover more about the play or artisans behind the scenes. $5 per person for 30-minute sessions and $7 per person for 60-minute sessions (minimum 10 people)
  • Q&A Sessions: Private session with actors or artists. $5 per person for 30-minute sessions and $7 per person for 60-minute sessions
  • Workshops: Let Festival artists engage your group with these hands-on experiences, tailored to all ages. 60-minute session: $14 per person. Minimum 15, maximum 30 people. 20% off additional workshops
  • Complimentary Bus Parking at all theatres (subject to availability). Find out more about bus parking on the Maps & Guides page in the Visit section 
  • Festival Shop Coupons for your group to shop for the perfect memento

Beautiful facilities, lunch buffets, private dining menus, and delicious picnics. Call our Group specialists in the box office to book.

Group Lunch Buffets

  • Dine overlooking the scenic Avon River
  • Hot buffet with selection of entrées, sides and desserts
  • June 9, 18, 24 and September 9, 17, 22, 25 and October 7, 13, 16
  • $29 per person, all-inclusive

 Picnics to Go

 Private Meals

Let us extend the creativity and storytelling from our stages to a one-of-a-kind special event before or following your performance.


  • Cocktail receptions
  • Plated and buffet meals
  • Coffee, tea and dessert

Are your group members looking to dine on their own? Let them know about our Onsite Amenities and Stratford and area dining options  

Tools to help you reach your group members:

  • Visit our image gallery to find images and logos to use in your promotions
  • Videos for you to send out to your group

For any queries, please contact our Groups Department via email or reach them directly at 1.800.567.1600.