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Archives Department - 350 Douro Street, Stratford
June 14 – October 5
10:45 am

Explore highlights from our unique history through costumes, props, design sketches and more. The Archives tour for 2018 includes:

 Free Will and the Will to be Free

The Archive draws dazzling props and costumes from the Stratford Festival’s previous productions of the Tempest to illuminate the theatrical spell it has woven through the decades through actors such as Bill Hutt to Christopher Plummer. The display also spotlights the work of Daphne Dare, Stratford’s head of design in the 1970s and one of the most influential creators from Dr Who’s earliest years.

Martha Henry: From Miranda to Prospero

This photographic exhibition charts the career of Martha Henry at the Stratford Festival from her first season in 1962, where she played the daughter to Bill Hutt’s Prospero, to 2018, when she plays the exiled ruler herself, and includes many other visual highlights from her Titania to Mary Tyrone. 

Private tours are available upon request for groups of 10 or more attending a production. To inquire about availability contact our groups department at



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