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Text that says, "Rush Seats: Save up to 50%." Behind the text is a single spotlight shining on the Avon stage, looking over an empty theatre of red velvet chairs.


Save up to 50%


Save up to 50% on up to 4 rush tickets beginning two hours before the show!

Rush tickets aren't offered for every show, but when they are, we'll find you the best available seating.

A+ zone: save 10%

A zone: save 20%

B and C zones: save 50%

Rush seating is not available in Globe Ring, Founders' Row or Bravo zone.

Get your rush tickets: By phone at 1.800.567.1600, or in person 2 hours before the performance start time. Rush tickets are not available by phone after 5 p.m. for Friday and Saturday evening performances nor after 2 p.m. for Sunday performances. Sorry, rush tickets are not available online.

Members can beat the rush for rush tickets: Buy by phone as early as 9:30 a.m.!