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Antoine Yared

2015: Guhl in The Physicists, Lysimachus in The Adventures of Pericles and Dapper in The Alchemist. Third season. Stratford: Lewis, the Dauphin (King John), Swiss Cheese (Mother Courage and Her Children), Mardian (Antony and Cleopatra), Prince of Aragon (The Merchant of Venice), Planchet (The Three Musketeers), Paris (Romeo and Juliet). Elsewhere: Mercutio (Romeo and Juliet), Touchstone (As You Like It) and Stefano (The Tempest) (Repercussion Theatre); Fox (Pinocchio), Goat and Soldier (Alice Through the Looking-Glass) (Geordie Productions); Justin (Jesus Jello) (Sheep in Fog); Galoshin (Provincial Anecdotes)(Concordia University). Film/TV: Boucherie Halal (Babek Aliassa), Open (Tom Abray). Recordings: Kojiro Sasaki, Samurai Warriors 2 (KOEI). Training: Dawson College, Concordia University, Birmingham Conservatory. Awards: 2014 Michael Mawson Award, 2013 Peter Donaldson Award, 2010 Elsa Bolam Award. Et cetera: Antoine would like to thank his family and friends for their continued support as well as all the mentors, teachers and coaches who have helped him along the way.