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Festival Theatre marquee lights glow in the fading daylight.

Stratford Festival Theatre Club - NEW!

Start your own club today! Gather together a group of six or more theatre lovers to see a minimum of four different shows for $99 per show, per person. Book before February 7, 2024 when this price increases to $114 per show, per person.


How you organize your club is up to you and your friends. To help inspire you, we’ve gathered a few ideas for your reference.


You only need six people in your Theatre Club to take advantage of the exclusive Theatre Club price. If you’re already coming with friends, why not expand your group to club-size? Simply find a few more like-minded friends who share your passion for theatre and you’re all set. Remember, there is no upper limit on the size of our Theatre Clubs; the more the merrier!*

You can even have different numbers of people seeing each show. The one rule is that a minimum of six tickets per performance have to be purchased for at least four different productions, all in one order.

TIP: Elect a point person, someone to collect everyone’s information and manage bookings.


We recommend that you plan in advance — get Club members together with their calendars and plan your theatre-going year. You might make it a regular series of dates throughout the season or plan a multi-day holiday together in Stratford.


Before you officially hit our theatres, start a reading circle! Our gift stores have many of the scripts available for purchase. When not reading plays together or enjoying a production, deep dive into show themes through tickets to Meighen Forum events.


Why not make your trip together with friends into a holiday to remember? There are so many great restaurants, bars and sights to enjoy—plan to make time for them all! Stratford is a great central location for day trips to explore beautiful towns and villages around Southwestern Ontario, from lakeside delights to antique collector’s dreams.

TIP: Book early for the best seating availability and performance selection!


Stratford Theatre Club pricing applies to A+, A and B zones only. Excludes Pay-What-You-Wish performances. Tickets are exchangeable, but non-refundable. The full group may exchange their tickets for a new date and only incur costs associated with upgrading tickets if the new seats are outside applicable seating zones. If five or fewer members wish to exchange their tickets and leave the original group date, they must upgrade to individual ticket prices and pay a $8.10 per ticket exchange fee. The group members who retain their original tickets will not be charged any further fee. Theatre Club ticket prices increase on February 7, 2024.

*If you have a large group — 10 or more people — our Groups Team can assist in ticket bookings. Contact our groups department at