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Photograph of the Avon River in Stratford



The 2020 season was to be our largest ever, but then the world changed…  Once again our committed donors were there for the Festival.  Many renewed their memberships, a significant number donated the funds from their tickets and more gave new gifts to support this magical place.  The Festival was truly overwhelmed by the financial and emotional support.
Our RAISING THE TENT: THE RELAUNCH OF THE STRATFORD FESTIVAL campaign carried on into the 2021 season – again a season like no other; back under a tent, with smaller companies and patrons with masks on and physically distanced.  Still we persevered and the support continued.  This dedication to the Festival continues as our donors step-up to do their part to get us back on stage in 2022 and beyond.

Thank you to the generous donors who recognize that this is a critical time for the Stratford Festival and are doing their part to help us through these challenging times.  We will come out even more successful and unified than we have ever been.  Our deepest and sincerest gratitude to you all.

RELAUNCH DONORS – $1 million+

The Northpine Foundation
Richard Rooney & Laura Dinner

$500,000 to $999,999

The John & Myrna Daniels Charitable Foundation
Tim & Alexandra MacDonald

$250,000 to $499,999

Jane & Raphael Bernstein
Frederick & Stephanie Bishop
M.E.H. Foundation
Hon. Michael A. Meighen & Kelly Meighen
Robert & Jacqueline Sperandio

$100,000 to $249,999

Richard & Mona Alonzo
Don & Sheila Bayne
Mary L. desJardins Charitable Fund
The Fred A. & Barbara M. Erb Family Foundation
The Irene Fast Trust
David & Amy Fulton
Robert & Mary Ann Gorlin
Estate of Lawrence George Hodgett
Beth L. Kronfeld
John & Arlene Lewis
The Catherine & Maxwell Meighen Foundation
Peggy Ptasznik
The Sharon S. Ruble Trust
Martie & Bob Sachs
Liz & Randal Sandler
Barbara & John Schubert
The Schulich Foundation
Sylvia Soyka
Carol Stephenson, C.M.
Peter & Carol Walters

$50,000 to $99,999

John & Dian Bell
Daniel Bernstein & Claire Foerster
Robert & Phyllis Couzin
Barbara Crook & Dan Greenberg, the Danbe Foundation
Estate of Helen Allen Stacey
Ruth Bolt
John & Therese Gardner
In honour of Dr. and Mrs. C.J. Gianakaris
Brenda Gibson
George & Linda Gleason Foundation
John & Judith Grant
The Harkins-Manning Family
The William and Nona Heaslip Foundation
Dr. Desta Leavine
Dr. M. Lee Myers
The New World Foundation, September 20th Fund
Sandra & Jim Pitblado
Peter & Susan Restler
The September 20th Fund, New World Foundation
The Tremain Family
The Westaway Charitable Foundation
In honour of Dr. and Mrs. D. Terry Williams
The Estate of George E. Wright
The Hope G. Wright Trust

$25,000 to $49,999

Karon C. Bales & Charles E. Beall Family Fund
Nani & Austin Beutel
Betty Birmingham
Chicago Associates of the Stratford Festival
Sylvia D. Chrominska
Sylvia D. Chrominska
Dattels Family Foundation
Donner Canadian Foundation
Julia Fesmire
Jo Harris
Joan & Clifford Hatch Foundation
Brent & Marilyn Kelman
Jane Fryman Laird
The Malcolm S. Macdonald Trust
The Fabio Mascarin Foundation
John R. McConnell Foundation
The McLean Foundation
Jean Misener & Families
April & Kevin Turner
Cecil & Robert Rabinovitch
Alice & Tim Thornton
Bettie & Mark Tullis

$10,000 to $24,999

David & Patricia Adams
Tony & Anne Arrell
Gail Asper O.C.,O.M., LL.D & Michael Paterson
Rena Bedard & William Dillane
Bryan Blenkin & Alan Rowe
Estate of Mary Calamai
Nancy Cobban & Allan Walkinshaw
M. Fainer
Dick Furnstahl & Terri Stankiewicz
Generation Capital Limited
Heather V. Gibson
Ian & Helen Giffen
Neil & Annmarie Hawkins
Kim N. Lang
In Memory of Ellsworth Levine from his loving family
Nicole & Michael Martin
Jean & Paul McGrath
Drs. Roger & Chris Nash
Connie Orr
Rick & Jane Orr
The Pamela Jeffery Group Limited
Patrick & Barbara Keenan Foundation
Linda K. Rexer
Esther Sarick
In Memory of Rusty Schumacher
Mary Stowell
Riki Turofsky & Charles Petersen
Donald Woodley
Elizabeth B. Work Trust
David Zussman & Sheridan Scott

$5,000 to $9,999

Yaprak Baltacioglu
Karen Beazley
E. Burke
Tony Comper
Richard & Elizabeth Davey
David & Agatha Moll Charitable Fund
Drs. Patrick & Helen Deese
Herbert Evert & Jeanette Montgomery Evert
Jim & Eva Good
Lorraine Gordon
Heidi Henschel
Mary Ellen Herman
Nigel & Bridget Hodges
Archie & Jean Hunter
Brenda & Len Jewitt
Glenn & Joan Johnson
Pamela Jones & Rainer Paduch
The Lawrason Foundation
In Memory of Ellsworth Levine
David & Charmaine Lindsay
Margot Linton
Tom & Rosemary Logan
Susan Manwaring
Leor Margulies
Helen McArthur
Mark Monette
Delia M. Moog
Rev. Richard Newland
The Ozimek Family
Christie Peck & Buck Baker
Randall B. Ripley & Grace Franklin
Barbara A. Smith
David Southen & Susan Carlyle
Michael, Jennifer, Kira & Juliet Stein
Dom Tassielliand Elena Pastura
Jean Teron
Harriet Thornhill
Gail Tolley & Mark Yakabuski
Lyman & Deana Welch
Christopher Winn

$1,000 to $4,999

M. Ackerman
Elpida A. Agathocleous
Arlene Albrich
Richard C. Alter & Eric D. Johnson
Thomas Anglewicz & Florentina Cruz
Alicia M. Annas
Thomas Ashwell
Judith Axelrod, MD
Jeannie Baird
Dianne J. Beaven
Tim Blake
Marilyn Blatnikoff
Bob & Donna Bourne
Terry Boyle & Jim Lawlor
David & Patti Bragg
Paul Brisson & Anne Toal
Doug & Mary Lou Brock
Gary & Laura Brown
Joanne Brown & Shirl Delarue
Marjorie & Bill Buhlman
Paul Butler & Chris Black
Nathan Butterworth & Jacques LaBelle
Cachet Developments (Stratford) Inc.
Richard & Janice Caloia
Bert & Nancy Carriere
Guy Chadsey
Audrey Cheadle
Karen L. Cheah
Austin & Gillian Chinn
Greg Clarke
John & Pattie Cleghorn
In memory of Margaret Cowan
Joanne & Tom Cowan
Lynne Cram
Jeanie Davis
Barry Deathe & Susan Brown
Paul Dengel & Paula Morency
Subhash & Jayashree Dighe
Michael Dingman & Susan Sumner-Dingman
Patti Doyle
Nancy & William Edmunds
Glenna J. Fair
In honour of the 2021 Festival Staff, Company and Volunteers
Sun Life Financial
Russell C. Finch & Carol Nancy Finch
Zela & Raymond Foley
Gloria Friedman in memory of Bernie Holicky
Gian & Patricia Frontini
Patricia Fyfe
Gatfield & Campbell Arts Foundation
Donald Gerson & Gail Meadows
Margarete Gillies
The Graeser Family
Dianne Graf
Bruce & Jane Graham
Ron & Gitte Granofsky
Dr. Thomas Gray & Linda MacDonald
Joseph Green & Jeanette Mansour
David & Dulie Greer
Alan & Julie Griesinger
Stanley I. Griffin
In memory of Ellsworth Levine from Dorothea & Dennis Hacker
David Hartmann
Dr. William & Dr. Gretchen Harris
Peter Herrndorf & Eva Czigler
In honor of Laurie Hoffman-Geotz & Wendel Goetz
Erin Hogg
Gordon L. Hollander
Deanna Horton
Kathleen D. Hunter
In Memory of Lorna Penny
Donald & Betty Ivison
Marian & Fruman Jacobson
Nancy Jamieson & Bruce Anderson
Andrew & Pamela Jenkins
In memory of Mr. & Mrs. William Judson Johnson
Paul & Dawn Johnson
Ms Henriette Katz
Marcia Katz Slotnick
Thomas Kay & Bryan Kaufman
In memory of Norine Crompton
James & Diane King
Marisa Kneisz
Rudy & Rita Koehler
Kim Koivukoski
Naomi & Dave Lee
Mr. & Mrs. Neal S. Lee
Jim Leech & Deb Barrett
Stuart K. Lender
Virginia Leonhart
Janet B. Lewis
Anthony & Betsy Little
Nona Macdonald Heaslip
Wendy Mansbridge
Dr. Marilyn Marshall
Cynthia L. Martz
James & Michelle McDonald
Helen E. McGill
Dianne McKnight
Esther & the late John McNeil
Gloria & James McSherry
Dr. D C Meyer
L. Miller & C. Lee
Dr. John Mogan
David & Agatha Moll Charitable Fund
Alon Nashman & Elizabeth Pasternak
Jim & Trish Nicholson
Anne Oram
Amy & Matthew Orchard
Sunny & Nini Pal
Doug Paterson
Richard & Kayla Pechter
Patricia Peloso
Erica Peresman & David Jaffe
Robert & Cynthia Person
Lisa Rae Philpott
Lauren & Lois Pitalis
Jackie & John Porter
Cheryl & William Povalla
Julie & John Ptasznik
Paul & Ruth Rab
Donald Regan & Elizabeth Axelson
Dr. H. Anne Richards
Anne & Grant Roberts
Brian Rolfes & Bradley Berg
Derwyn Sangster & Cecylia Podoski
William & Meredith Saunderson
Kay Schonberger
David & Martha Schubert
Alan Shepard & Stephen Powell
The Estate of Barbara Simpson
Ann Skinner
Michael & Sharon Sloan
Adrienne & Arthur Smith-Windsor
Ruth Songhurst
Estate of Martha Mann Southgate
Ann Spicer
Liz Steel
Janet E. Stewart
Ann & Ross Stuart
Ruth Symons
Nargis Tarmohamed & Shaukat Mangalji
The Characters Talent Agency
G. Richard & Elizabeth Thompson
Wayne Thorburn
Wendy & John Thorpe
Jean & David Topham
Vernon G. Turner
Brady Twiggs
Robert Tzopa
Mary Usher-Jones
Ernest Vanderschot
Peter Varty & the late Pat Martin
William & Sarah Vasse
Michael & Anne Tyler Fund through the Victoria Foundation
Nick & Marg Walker
The Wallace Family Fund at The United Church of Canada Fdn
In Memory of Frank W. Warber
Brock & Jean Webel
Cheryl Weeks-Rosten
Timothy & Catherine Weiskel
Brian D. Williams
Nan & Rod Williamson
Stephen Williamson & Margot Hallman
Julian & Nandita Wise
Drs. Krystyna Wojakowski & Bruce Murray
William Young
Paul & Jamie Zimmer
Cynthia Zimmerman

$1 to $999

Kevin & Brenda Aalto
Marissa Abesamis
Dan Abrahams in memory of Kate Revington
Andy & Karen Abrams
Gretchen Reynolds
In Honour of David Ackerman
Lynne Adams
John & Donna Affeldt
Becky Afman
Elizabeth Agnew
Michael Agnew
Arlene Aish
Heinrich Albers
Cecily Alexander
Nona Alexander
M. Allen
Stewart & Valerie Allison
Helena Allan
William Allan
Paul V. Allen
Helen Allin
Cathy Allison
Gay Allison & Geoff Hancock
June Allison
Terry L. Allison
Heather & David Almack
Dorothy Ames
Ray Amick
John & Kathleen Ancker
Doug Andrews
Bill & Jan Anderson
Bonnie Anderson
Carlyle & Jessica Anderson
John Anderson
Anderson-Mitchell Family
Mary Anderson
Margaret Anderson
Kathy & Peter Anderson
Allison Andreatta
Larraine Andrews
Robert Harris
Helen Apouchtine
Edwin Aquilina
Mario Araujo
Frances Argue
Kenneth Armson
Richard Arnold
Kimberly & Tom Arndts
Stewart Arnott
Norman Ashurst
Judith Ashleman
Paul J. Asselin & Jack H. Sytsma
Carolyn Atkinson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Atkinson
C. E. Atkin-Phillips
Cole Atlin
Michael Attwood
Margaret Atwood
Prof. Jocelyn Aubrey
Jo-Anne Aubut
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Auzins
S. Axakova
Les Babbage
Charles L. Babcock IV & Nancy W. Hamilton
Winston Babin
Evelyn & Brian Babineau
Walter Bachinski
David Bach & Judy Hoenich
Susan Bagley
Gretchen Baier
Carolyn & Denis Bailey
Andrew & Cornelia Baines
John & Mary Bajc
Haakon Bakken
Dennis & Patricia Baker
Frances Balogh
In Honour of Kristen Ball
Victor Baltera
Ballantyne Family
Gwendolyn Baltera
Trevor Bannon
Trish Banighen
Judith Barrett
Dr. Dana Baran
Kim Bardwell
Jodi & Colin Bare
Heather Barnes
Don Barr
Erryn Barratt
Judith Barrett
Laurie Barrett & Martin Block
Mary & Alex Bart
Paul & Deborah Barton
Michael & Vanessa Bass
Gail Silverman Bass
Ann Battjes
Dr. Chris Bauch
Helga Bauer
Nancy Jane Beach
Kelly Beales
David & Rebecca Bean
Janet Bean
Mr. John Beaucage
Tony & Cathie Beck
Elin & Barry Becker
Julaine Bedard
Stephen & Wendy Bedermam
S. A. Beecroft
Mr. & Mrs. P.A. Belanger
Susan Bell
Sarah Belanger
Wendy Belcher
Thomas & Ann Bell
Annette Bellamy
Michael Benoit
Cheryl Bender
Elaine A. Bennett
Gregory & Barbara Bennett
R. Peter Bennett
Catherine Berry-Valeriote
Leonard Bernardo
James & Beth Bernhardt
Corey Berry
Mark Bertz
Morwenna Shaw
Sybil & Maurice Better
Stratford Seminar Society
Helen L. Beuker
Stan & Jackie Bezaire
Shirley Bickle
Caroline, Connor & Karolina Bielas
Amy B. Bigman
Stephen Bigsby
Ruth Bilodeau
Jim & Wilma Bindernagel
Eva & Stephe Bingham
Robert Joel Birnbaum
Mr. Jean Bisaillon
Elizabeth Bjarnason
Wendy Blankenship
Michael Blackwell
Beverly Blair
Cathleen Blair
Joan Blair
Helen Blancke-Koops
Rick & Martha Blickstead
Brian & Rebecca Blowes
Norman Blumensaadt
Anne Bode
Sue Boettger
James A. Bofenkamp
Eric Bogstad
Shelley Boltri
Melissa Bomasuit
Nancy Bomasuit
Irena Bondarczuk
Dr. Constance Bonbrest
Debra Bonde
Julie Bondy
Rose Bontje
Jamie & Anna Boone
Ruth-Ann Boos
Barbara Booth
Alison Booz
Karen Borneman
In Honour of Barbara Borthwick on her birthday
Paul & Louise Borucki
Ivanka Boskovic
Richard Bosworth
Jack & Nancy Bowers
Martha F. & William J. Bowden
Joseph Bowtell
Marilyn Boyd
D. Braden
Dianne Bradley
Walter Bradley
Twig & Barbara Branch
David & Ellen Bratton
Amanda Brazier
Wendy Breedon-Butler
Christine Blakeney & David Breck
Hal & Cathie Breidenbach
Amy Brennan
Doug & Diana Brent
Patricia Brewster
Nancy Bright
Michael & Lois Brinkman
Ron Brown
Margaret Brock
S.L. Brodie-Keys
Jocelyn Brodie
Karen Brookfield
Tarah Brookfield
Cindy & Doug Brooks
Jenny Brooks
Mrs. Lynn Brooks
Marion Brooks
Barbara M. Brown
Mrs. Cameron Brown
I. David Brown
Ian Brown
Lynn Brown
Dr. Ronald Brown
Sandra D. Brown
Trish & Alex Brown
River City Kids, Music Man 2018 (Zoe, Sarah, Carlee, Thomas, Alex, Log
Freda & Irwin Browns
Richard Brucher
Brian & Bridget Bruce
Pamela Bruggeman
David Brunatti
Eleanor L. Bryant
Murray & Judy Bryant
Shelley Buchan
Maxine Smith
Joe Buchshriber
Caroline Buerk
Sharon Krackov & Jerome Buff
Stephen Buhler
Richard Buhr & Cathy Coffman
Joelle Bulbrook
Bulger Maxfield Family
Kathleen Bull
Sandra Bullock
Valerie Bunch
Rapley Bunting
Shirley & Barry Burke
Jennifer Burdett
Hillary Burgess
Dr. & Mrs. Ernest C. Burman
Marcus Burnham
Donna Burton
Frances Burton
Anna Bushell
James & Deborah Bushfield
Barbara Byers
Madelena Byrnell
Janice Caesar
Barbara & Sam Caldwell
Peter Calingaert
Arlene Callender
Susan & Oliver Cameron
Mrs. Jane Campbell
Jack & Kim Campbell
Jack Cannice
Christopher Cantlon
Dana Capell
Dianne Cappa
Joan & John Capuano
Maria Carrescia
Ruth Carter
Julie & Jack Carmichael
Gerri Anne Carney
Denise & Tom Carr
John Carrick
Mrs. Manal Carriere
Maria Carrig
Cathy Carroll
Irene Carroll
Rebecca Carson
Sarah Carter
Lindsey Carter
Lorraine Carter
Owen & Shiela Carter
John Cassaday
Margaret J. Catto
Pat Cawley
Mr. Chester Cengarle
Chantal Lynch Hyggeligt
Mr. David Chapman & Ms Eve Dowie
Charles Stewart Mott Foundatio n
James & Elizabeth Charters
D. Ruth Chayko
Vernon & Marilyn Chiles
Karen Horeth
Giselle Chin
Juan Chioran
Carman Chisamore
Judith Christianson
Nicholas Christoforu & Eleni Hapidou
In Honour of Antoni Cimolino
Andrzej Ciochon
Catherine Cisco
Cheryle Clark
John Leonard Clark
Catherine Clarke
Susan V. Clarke
Pamela Clarkson
Cathy Clazie
Allen G. Cleveland
Ryan Cleveland
June & Robert Cleave
Judith Clifford
Pamela Clifford
Sheila Clifford
Ron Cockfield
Frank & Jane Coffey
Alan B. Davies
Sahra Cohen
Matthew Colbeck
Mary Colbert
Janice Coles
Linda Collins
Ms Patricia Collins
Louis A. Colombo
Dr. Viviana Comensoli
James Compton
George Comrie
Mary-Ellen Connors
Jim Connell
Betty Connolly
Charles Conwell
Alec Cooper
Dennis & Catherine Cook
Brian Cook
Katherine Cooke
Rhon & Jennifer Cooke
Susan Cooper-Twiss
Cathie Cooper
Debbie Cooper
Jacqueline Cooper
Jennifer Cooper
Justin & Jessie Cooper
Lori Corriveau
Janet Evans & Jim Corrigan
Constance & Ron Corrigan
Elio Costa
Paula Costello
Johanna Cotte
Resby & Kathy Coutts
Marcia Courtney
Katharin Cowan
Doris E. Cowan
Helen Cox
Sonia Craig
Andrea Creech
Carolyn Cresswell
Heather Crisp & Michael Brett
Valerie & David Critchley
Ann Crompton
Kim Crossley
David & Ruth Crouch
Doug Cruickshank
Sal Cucci
Dr. Susan Cumings
Elizabeth Cunningham
L M Cunningham
John & Laurie Currie
Jim Curry
Jillian Curtin
Neil & Muriel Curtin
Jennifer Cutler
Barry & Lynn Cutler
Ruth Cutler
Frank & Ida Cwilich
Gary D'Mello
Maxine Dadson
Mary Dagenais
Carly Daley
Marylee Dalton & Lynn Drickamer
Ashok Dalvi
James Daly & Susan Arnberg
Peter Dalziel
Mark & Rita Daniel
Carole Darowski
Judy Darby
Melanie Darke, John C. Lewis, Maureen Lewis, in honor of Arlene Lewis
In Memory of Jennifer Davis
Janice Davey
Rob & Dana Davidson
Heather Davidson
Ron & Mariam Davidson
Jennifer Davies
Rachel Davies
Ron Davies
Mr. & Mrs.William Davies
Diane Davis
James Davis
Jennifer Davis
Michael & Keitha Davis
Miss Jennifer A. Day
Gail De Lacey
Andrew J. De Stefano
Shannon Dea
Deborah Dearham
Rev. Frances Dearman
Chip & Karla DeClue
Donnita Deen
Shawn Deer & Rhonda Gilson-Deer
Richard Dees & Jennifer Kwon
Sarah DeHart
Joan Deleuze
Peter DeLaurier
Christina Demerling
G. Demers
Janis Demmans
Kim Denstedt
Louise Dery-Goldberg
Randy & Carol Desrochers
Fred & Trudy DeVries
Heather Di Marco
Dennis Dicks
Frank & Singrida Dicum
Deborah Diers
Bev Dietrich
Jerrolyn Dietrich
Renee Dijk
In memory of Kate Revington
Andrew A. & Diann E. Dimncolo
Marilyn Dippell
Eileen Dobell
Karen M Dodd
Sarah Dodd
Beverley Doern
Viviane Dohle
Virginia Doig
Peter & Joan Dollard
John & Nancy Donnelly
Mary Donaghy
Kenneth & Christa Dorter
Myfanwy Douglas
Catherine Dowell
The Bears
Peter and Mary Downs
In Memory of Catherine Cassidy
Stephanie Drahozal
Kim Coffman Dressel
J. Driskill & L. Bryant
Eileen & Howard Dubner
Maureen Dubuc
Peter & Betty DuChene
Don Duchesne
Meredith Dunlap
In Memory of Dr. Brett Dunlop
Kathleen Dunn
Sylvia Durance
Mary Jo DuRivage
Sheila Durrant
Carol & Corey Dyck
John & Ellen Eagan
Sheila & Harry Edgar
Amy Edge
Nancy Edge
Mike Edmonds
Carl S. Ehrlich & Michal Shekel
Eric & Helen Eisen
John & Marilyn Ekins
Irene Elce
Charles Elder & Rita Richey
Edward & Annette Eliasberg
Jennifer Eliasmith
Melanie Hahn & Jeffrey Elliott
Alan Ells
Lawrence Elson
Pat Elson
Allison Christilaw & Doug Emerson
Brend Eng
Ruth Ann English
Ms Elizabeth Ennis
Christine Epp
The Erwins
Roger & Debbie Espinosa
Theresa Evangelista
Jennifer Evans
Jonquil Eyre
Dante Fabiello
Lynda Fair
Mary Jane Fairley
Sarah Falls
Andrew Famme
Helen Fannin
Mark Farber
Wayne & Jean Farhood
Mark Farmer
Joan Farrell
Lou & Merle Fazzini
Jason Fear
Gregory Febbraro
Rynaldo & Marilyn Fedorenko
Joni Feldman
Patti Felipe
Joanne Ferguson
Mary Ferguson
Olivia Ferguson
William Ferguson
Denise Fergusson
Lee Ferrier
Robin M. Field
Carol Fiedler
David Field
Rosemary Fillmore
Mrs. Elaine Finlay
Tim Firth
Elyse & Duncan Fisher
Jenny Fisher
Julie & Kenneth Fisher
Sophie & Leon Fisher
Tracy Fisher
Ann & Harold Fiske
Pamela Fitzpatrick
Philippa Fitzsimons
Peter & Jean Fleche
Kris Fletcher
Bill Fleury
Alexander & July Flow
John C. Fooks
Dr. Patricia Forbes
Ronald Forbes
Karen L. Ford
Elizabeth Forrest
Tim Fort
Carol Foster
Becky Foster
Margaret Fox-Revett
Michael Fox
Shelley Fracalossi
Gloria Francis
Judy & Maris Fravel
Rhonda & Gary Freeman
Jan Hughes & Bernie Friedman
Annice Frisch
Sharon Fuller
Mickey Fuson
Marilyn Gaffney
Kari Gallagher
Helena Galea
Casey Gallagher
Deborah Gardiner
Leane Page Garland
Nancy Garner
Dean Gatien
Lisa Gayk
Jacqui Gayle
Sylvia Gazsi Gill
Dr. Liliana Gembom
Douglas George
Carol Germa
Raluca Gheorghe
Ornella Giau
Ian Gibb & June Ferguson
Owen Gibb
John & Toni Gibson
Marina Gibson
Lauren Gienow
Rachel Giesey
Michael Gilbertson
Jane Gilby
Shonna Giles
Gill family
Gillian Gillespie
Nora Gillespie
David & Kathryn Gillett
Ann Gilmore
Tamara Gilpin
Vern & Joyce Gingrich
Stephen Gleason
Marie Carrière Gleason
Fraser Glen & Jill Marchand
Mary Glen
Rona Kosansky
John & Susan Goddard
Karen Golets Pancer
Marlene Goldbach
Alice & Jonathan Goldbloom
Sheila Goldbloom
Ron & Sari Goldenberg
Mark & Mary Goldsher
Nancy & Laurence Goldstein
Robert Goldstein
Della Golland
Shelly Goluboff
Pat Goodland
Leslie Gord
Harriette Isabelle Rooney
Adrienne Gormley
Diana & Doug Goudy
The Grahl Family
Scott & Cathy Grant
S.Vincent Gray
In Honour of Dr. Thomas Gray
Richard Grace
Angelo Graham
Charles & Barbara Graham
Donna Graham
Ruth B. Gramlich
Robbie McBride & Fred Grandchamp
Cheryl Grant
Susan H. Grant
Jack & Yana Graver
Emily Gray
Irving Green
Fable Forest Films
Susan Green
Anne Gregor
Julia Gregory
Mary Louise Greiner
Susan Grieve
Robin & Warren Grimstead
Andrew & Lois Gross
Louise Grogan
Marilyn Gropp
Sheila Grose
Francis-Joseph Hughes Gross
Dale & Kurt Grossen
Anne Groulx
Jeff Grujicich
Aime & Elizabeth Guindon
Jennie Gulliver
Holly L. Gunn
Rick & Susan Gustafson
Gwendolyn Guth
Hamish Guthrie
Dr. Don & Mary Jane Gutoski
Armon Haagen & Beth Truett
Gudrun Haas
Pia Hachler
Penn & Kathey Hackney
Oded Haklai
Pat Hall
Randy Hall
Fred & Connie Hall
June Hall
Susan E. Hall
Vern & Lois Hall
Rhonda Hallberg
Brad Hamilton
Jane & David Hamer
Patricia Hamilton
George & Joan Hammond
James Hammontree & Alexander Parr
Elizabeth Hampson
C. Hancock
Linda & Dennis Hansen
Amanda Hansford & Adam Ryan
Julia Hanson
Kimberly Hardman
Jane Hardy
Rena Harold & Linda Loewenstein
Helen I. Harper
Laura Harper
Sheila Harrington
In honor of Bill Blaha
Beverly Harris
Gail Harris & Henry Baragar
Nancy Harris
Richard Harrop
Roslyn Harrush
Bob Harvey
Jan Haskings
J. Michael Hatlelid
Paul Hawksford
Lynn Hayden
George & Helen Hayman
Patricia Hays Forsythe & Robert Forsythe
Hilary Head
Kevin & Margaret Healy
A. Hebert
Robert & Pamela Heilman
Edward & Jane Heinemann
Dawn Heinen
W.Phil & Carolin Heinze
Leonard Helfrich
Susan & Bruce Hemmerich
In Memory of Martha Henry
Anne Henderson
Deborah Henderson
Christine Henderson
John & Caitlin Henderson
Lila Henderson
Lisa Henderson
Marianne Henderson
Cecilia Hendricks
Sandy & Kevin Henning
Martha Henry
Mrs. Nancy Henshaw
Louise Hermanson
Leona M. Herzog
In Gratitude for Magnificent Martha Henry
Steven Hetherington & Anthony Conte
Jane Morris & Robert Hicks
Dan Hickey
Regina Hickl-Szabo & Peter Brown
Lauri & Jean Hiivala
Jessica B. Hill
Judy Hill
Laura Hill
Mary & Perry Hill
Donald & Jean Hillis
Hinchberger Family
Joyce Hisey
Lesley Histrop
David Hitchcock
Karen Hobden
Robert & Karen Hockin
Janet Hodgson
Rob Hodgins
Ann Hodges
C. Hodges
In Honour of Robert Jenkins
Laurie Hoffman-Goetz
Mrs. Rose Hoffman
Rose Mary Hoffman
Carmel Hogarth
Elspeth Hogg
Julie & Glenn Hogg "In memory of Kathleen Hogg"
S. Kay Hoke
John & Catherine holbrook
Ron Holdway
Sarah & Richard Holland
Eric Holmes
Karl Holmes
Brenda Holvey
Mrs. Sarah Hombach
Cheryl Hooper
Yvonne Marie Hord
Marlene Hornung
Naomi & Sandy Horodezky
William Horrell & Kate Nessler
Terry & Grace Housholder
Eric & Dana Howald
The Hon. Peter H. Howden
Louisa Howerow
Dr. John D. Howes
Sally Hoyles
In Honour of Kerri Hubbard
Faye Huber
John Hucker
Mr. Brian Hughes
Lola Hulton
Mike & Carol Hulls
Jill Humphries
Edward & Mary Sue Hunia
Michele & Bob Hunter
Lorne & Donna Hunter
Hurckes Family Foundation
Tom Hurka
Kevin Hurley
Morrison & Brenda Hurley
Terry Hurst, Ed.D.
Michelle Hurtubise
Micah Hussey
David Hutchison
Donna Hyde
Tony Iacobellis
Mizan Ibrahim
Sandy Imada
Wayne & Leslie Ingram
In honour of Anita Gaffney
Linda Intaschi & David Silcox
L.J. Ireland
Chris Irie
Sarah Netherclift
Dr. Don Irwin-Morrow
Mike Izma
Anita Jacobsen
Bill Jack
Fiona Jackson
Karen & Paul Jackson
Brenda Jacobs
Martin Jacobs
Patricia & Jay Jacobson
Jerry James
Gwen Jamieson
Kathryn Jandeska
Teresa Janik & Steven Ries
Mary Beth Jantzi
Douglas & Enid Jaques
David & Helga Jeanes
Patricia Jeflyn
In Honour of Linda & Robert Jenkins
Mary Jenkins
Melissa Jerome
Lana Jobe
Gayle Johnson
Sven Johannson
Audrey Johnston
Susan & Don Johnston
Janet Johnston
Regina A Johnston
Diane Johnstone
Gordon & Nancy Joice
Joan Jones
Allen Jones II
Terrilou Josi
Patricia Judd
Cheryl Jurjens
Joanne Jurmu
Eleanore Kaarsberg
Carol M. Kachmar
Tracey Kadish
Franklin & Luella Kains
Fred & Anne Kallin
Tania Kamienski
Mark Kamstra & Lisa Kramer
Mary Kannakko
Maureen Kappus
Peter & Joan Kapteyn
James L. Kappel
Lynda Kappius
Christina Ann Karas
Clayton Karkosh
Galal & Joan Karout
Katherine Karrow
Linda Kearns
D. & M. Kean
Heather Kearney
Peter Kearney
Ron & Elizabeth Keast
Frederick & Jan Keith/Stratford Seminar Society
Margaret Kelch
Douglas Kelly
Stephanie & Jack Kelly
Yolanda Kelly
Cathy & Kevin Kemp
Tracey & Dave Kempsell
Doug Kennedy
Duane & Pamela Kennedy
Emily Kennedy
Gerard Kennedy & Jane Hilderman
Robert & Lynda Kennedy
Dr. Mary A. Kennedy
Liz & Mat Kensett
Nancy Keppelman & Michael Smerza
Elsa Kertsman
Robert Kian
Barbara & the late Paul Kidd
Judith Kidd
Jodi Kimm
Cynthia King
Ken King
Margo King
Heather Kingham
John Kirby
David & Cyndy Kirk
David Kirk
Stanislav J. Kirschbaum
Emily Kisko
Jeff Kitchen
Moses Klein
Morrie Kleinplatz
Laura Klem Stratford Seminar Society
Joyce M. Klinger
Chris Knack & Julie Fraser
John Knapp
Megan Knoll
Kathryn Knowlton
Nicolas Koeppe
Joan Kohn, Sally Matchinski, Robert Heppe
Jennifer Kolody
Marlene & John Kondelik
Betty Koons
Richard Kornberg
Claude Kortas
Myra Kostiw & Ihor Rudensky
Stephen Kraft
Mark Kraai & Linda Lesniak
Krisan Sears
Bob Krist
Bryan & Melleen Krueger
Joyce Kruskal & Neal Madras
Larry & Carole Krucoff
Corrine Joyce Kruse
Betty Kryzak
Dr. William Kumbier
Rennie & Susan Ladan
Margaret LaFramboise
Katherine Lague
Jennifer Laird
Catherine Lake
Heather Lambert
Samantha Lampe
Pamela Lampkin
Brian & Gay Landstrom
Karen Lang
Gail & Gordon Lange
Karen Lange
Raymond C. Lantz, Jr.
Francesca LaPlante-Sosnowsky & William Sosnowsky
Margaret Laprade
Laura Larson
Judith A. Laus
Janice Laube
Beth Lavender
Donald Lawrence
Jennifer Kropac & Kevin Law
Les Lawrence
Christine Lawrie
Ingrid Lawrie
Dodie Layton
Elizabeth Lazear
Hugh & Kathy Leal
Vernon Lediett
Angèle & Jacques Leduc
Mary Leduc
C.M. Lee
Caroline Lee
Susan & Alan Leff
Dr. Natasha Leighl
Donald Leitch & Gail McHardy-Leitch
Daniel Lendzian
Eileen Lennon
John & Jane Lennox
Melissa Leonardi
Nancy Lepla
Jaime Leverton & Kyle Nichols
Mark & Hinda Levine
Dvora Levinson
Gary & Karen Levy
Ed & Dyanna Lewis
Kathy & John Lewis
Penny Lewis
Ronald & Elaine Lewis
Tony & Florence Lewis
C. Lichti
Gregory & Margaret Light
Michael & Trinette Lindley
Susan Lindsay
Maria Lingeman
Steven Link
Gregory Lipper
Sharon List
Mary Lister
Little Lakes Machine & Tool Co.
Cheryl Litwack
Madeleine Lloyd
Shirley M Lobach
Barbara Lobb
Phil & Jean Locke
Gloria Lockyer
Geroge M. Logan
Linda Lombardi
Inna Loor
Carrol Jaques & Bob Loov
Linda Lord
Barbara & Michael Lott
Rev. John Lougheed
Amy Louzon
Kate Lowe
Steve Lowden
Dr. Keith Lowe & Mrs. Amoy Lowe
David Lowry
John Luesink
Richard & Lydia Luedeke
Hak Lui
Trevor & Cathy Luke
Patricia Lumsden
Mary & Kenneth Lund
Lori Lupton
Maria Lupu-Muslea
Anne D. Lutkus
Leah-Ann Lymer
Barbara Macaulay
Flora Macdonald
Jennifer Macdonald
Laurie Macdonald
Gordon & Eleanor MacFarlane
Debbie MacGillivray
John Machado
Michele Machowicz & Thomas Becvar
Pierrette Macintosh
Allan Mackay
Zac MacKay
D.K. MacKenzie
Hugh & Carol MacKenzie
Leanne MacKenzie
Marilyn MacKenzie
Jim Maclean
Macleods Scottish Shop
Sharon MacMillan
John MacNeill
Thomas Alexander MacWilliam
B. Lynne Magenty
Kevin Maggs
Janet Maher
Anne Louise Mahoney
Beth Mainprize
Hope Maissner
M. Rosalind Mak
Dalia Makiska
David Malach & Risa Klarman
Lawrence Malito
Jared Webb
Linda Manchen
Cheryl Manny
Shirley Manzer
John & Donna Markarian
Robet & Lori Martin
Marti Maraden
Susan Marcus
Chris & Jen Marrocco
Brianna Marshall
Elizabeth Marshall
Glen & Barbara Marshall
Kathleen Marsman
Laurel Marsolais
Maria Martin
MJ Martin
Waldtraut Martin
Jeanie F. & Albert Marx
Charles Mason
MasterCard Impact Fund
Robert J. Masih
Karen Mason
Ron & Mary Jane Mass
Piotr Mastej
Daphne Matthews
Mark & Chris Matthews
Shawn Matthews
Randy & Pamela Maurer
Ted & Susan Mavor
Catherine Cassidy
Tom & Sylvia Mayberry
Bob Mayer & Jan Muzyczka
Deb Mayhead
Gillian Mayo
Arlene Mazur
Ron & Pam Mazza
Jane McCaig
Marguerite McCarty
Mary McCall
Nora McCabe
France & Michael McCabe
Janet McCallum
Kevin & Patricia McCanna
David & Barbara McCants
Beth McCarthy
Michelle McCarthy
Jean McCloskey
Mary McCracken
Edith McCreadie
Cathy McDevitt & Jim Irwin
Doug & Julie McDermid
Nancy McDonald
Patrick & Karen McDonough
Tom McFeat
Dianne McGaire
Anne & John McGee
K. Patrick McGill
Eileen McGinnity & Frank Fransioli
Elizabeth McGinnity
McGorman Family in memory of Mary E. McGorman
Thomas J. McGovern
Deborah McNevin & Gordon Bradshaw
Susan & Doug McGregor
Diana & Gerry McGregor
Lissa McGregor
Donna McHardy
Sheilanne Lindsay
Bethany Mcintyre
John Mcirvine
Carolyn McIver Dietrich
Taryn McKinnon
David & Linda McKay
Gary and Sarah McKay
Allan & Lorraine McKee
Kandice McKee & Desi Brownstone
Sue Mckenzie
Andrew & Sharon McKenzie
Deidre Mckenzie
Marcia McKenzie
John Chalmers
Joan McKinnell
Paul McKone
Allan McLean - In memory of Hilary Ann Culp
Heather McMichael
William W. McMullen
Heather McMartin
Connie McMillan
Mary McMillan
S. L. McMorran
Bruce McNaughton
P. Terrance McNaughton
Jocelyn McPhail
Nancy McPherson
George McQuibban
Jane McRae Goetzman & Bruce Goetzman
Pat McTaggart
Charlotte McWilliam
David Medhurst
Megan & Brent
Shirin Mehrain
Frank Mellor
Ben & Diane Melnick
Braz Menezes
Fran Merrell
Dr. Paul Mercer & Dr. Nina Mercer
Brenda Mercier-Roy
Dr. James & Mrs. Marcia Merrins
Katherine Metz
Robert Michaelson
Michelle Michals
Karen & Richard Middaugh
Frances Milberg
Monique Mili
Cedric R. Miller
Robert & Rosemary Miller
Virginia Miller
Lu Anne Margaret Million-Kelly
Beverly Mills
Lynn & Peter Mills
David & Mary Milne
J. A. Milochik
Joni Miltenburg
Brigitte Minard
Leslie Minot & Donna Solomon
Irina Wilder
Marg Misener
Paul & Ross
William T. Mitchell & Diana Chant
Don Mitchener
Mary Mogford
Doug Moles
Ruth Molzan
Edward & Sally Monaghan
Sue Monaghan
Susan Monaghan
Ilene Montana
James Montante
Dianne Monteith
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Montesanti
Dr. Angela & Mr. Neil Montgomery
Virginia Montminy
Gail Moore
Terry Sicular
Catherine Moon & Ian Cornett
Gale Moore
Mary Elizabeth & Ron Moore
Sandra C. Moore
Carolyn Morris
Paul Morgan
Sherry Lynn Mordecai
Patricia & Huw Morgan
Christa Cullain & J.T. Morris
John and Elizabeth Morris
Sally & John Morris
Brian Morrison
Patricia Fry & Dave Morrison
G. E. Morrison
Richard & Mary Ann Morse
F. & B. Morsink
Cyril Moscow and Randie Levin
Trevor D. Moses
Rose Mouncey
Michael Mouritsen & Dr. Lucille Covelli
Julie Mueller
D. & G. Mulholland
Emma Mulholland
Geoffrey T Mullin
Julian Mulock
John & Sandra Mulryan
Mr. & Mrs. Konrad Muncs
Frederick & Jane Munn
Ainslie Murdock
Terry & Katherine Murphy
Neil & Doreen Murray
Peter & Karin Mussen
In Honour of Dr. Lee Myers
Alytia Levendosky & David Nacht
Richard Nancarrow
Elisa Natarelli
Christine Nath
Deborah A. Nathan
In Memory of Robert Neary
Pat & Bill Neal
Emily Neece & Alan Ziegler
Edward C. Neelands
John Lawson
Jeff Nelson
L. & D. Nellis
J. N. Nelson
Reid Nelson
Shelley Nelson
David & Elfrieda Neumann
Jim & Marty Neumeister
Michael Newbigging
Tom Newburn
Mary Asbury & Robert Newman
Snuff & Pierre
Carla Niblick
William Nicholls & Margaret Pulver
Graeme & Linda Nicholson
M. Nicholson
Irene Nickel
Mary Lynne Nielsen
Dr. Paul H. & Olga Nielsen
Elaine Niemi
Liz Nieuwkuyk
Marilyn Nolte
Steven Norman
D. Norris
Dennis North
Patricia Northey
Robin & Nancy Nott
Berny & Sharon Nymeyer
Carl O'Byrne & Daniel Suzuki
Martyn Obbard
Adam O'Byrne
Edie O'Byrne
Irene Odell
Phyllis Odenbach Sutton
Patricia O'Donnell
Nathan Shank
Shirley Olde
David Oldfield
Zena Olijnyk
Richard & Andrea Olson
F. Patricia Olson
K. Oneson
Susan O'Reilly
Ed and Anne Orr
Maria Filosa & Gino Ortuso
Michael Osborne
Shirley E. Graessley
Gerry & Joan Oue
Eugene & Jennie Paiuk
Barb & Mike Pajak
Katherine Palkhivala
Frank Palmay
Cathryn Palmer
Leslie Palmer
Scott Palmer
John & Danielle
Hedda & William Panzer
Barbara Parker
Jeffrey Pare
Linda Park-Fuller
Heather Park
Robert Park
John & Frances Parker
Marygail Parker
Andrea Parnell
Peter Parolin
Anne Jacot
David & Patricia Paruch
Korey Pasch
Drs. Manisha Patel & Michael Curran
Thomas & Doreen Paulger
Jeff Paul
Peter & Donna Paul
Robert Pavlacic
Andrew Pawarroo
Darlane Payne
Nancy Payne
Michael & Elizabeth Pearce
Leslie Pearson
Simon Pearson
Barry Peart
Jane Peatch
Steve Pekich
Jim & Joan Penner-Hahn
Irmgard Penner
Gail Pereira Allen
Mary Perkins
Carey Perloff
James Perttula
John Pez
In Memory of Peter & Jean Lewington
Penelope Petrie
B. A. Petepiece
Terry Peters & Jackie Williams
Eric Petersen
Eric & Joan Petersen
Tom Petersen & Michelle Hillyer
Emily & Jurgen Petrenko
Suzanne Petrimoulx
Simone Petronis
Dan Philips
Julie Phillips
Richard Phillips
Pat Piellusch
Patricia Pigeon
Mr. & Mrs. George R. Pilcher
In Honour of Elizabeth Gaffney
In Honour of Valerie Pinder
Carole Pines & Bob Mino
James Piper
Constance Plantenga
Ann Marie Plubell
Joanna E Poe
Ms Sally Ann Poinsett
Norman & Susan Pointer
Nora Polley
Memory of Elliot Potts
Bill Poole & Louise Dzuryk
Ann & Gary Posen
Fred & Mary Possmayer
Page Rotter
George & Joan Potter
Anne Powell
Neil Price-Jones
Adrienne Price
Steven and Dianne Pridmore
Nancy Priest
Alison & Dennis Prindle
Joanne Proulx
Simona Pruteanu
Ash & Claire Ouri
Sheila Puz
Tom & Susan Quinn
Sandra & Alan Quirt
Louise & Lorne Rachlis
Linda Ragusin & Libbie Melichar
Gina Shochat-Rakoff
Rick Rakus
Jonathan Randall
Carolyne Randall
Jeff & Pam Rank
Susan Rapkin
Peter & Peggy Rasmussen
Mary & Todd Ray
Marion E. Raycheba
C. M. Re
Maurianne Reade & Craig Maxwell
Pat Reavy & Denis Beatty
Veronika Redfern
Nancy Rees
George & Debbie Reese
Denis Regnier
Bert Reitter
Cindy & David Reid
Tom McCamus
Patrick Reid
Dr. Steven & Mrs. Leonie Reinhart
Adele Reinhartz
Susan Reisler
Madeline Reiter
Karen & Paul Rempel
William & Islay-May Renwick
Harold & Patti Ann Reynolds
Tug Rice
Doug & Kathie Richards
Judy Richardson
Jonathan Richler & Sara Horowitz
Adrienne & Bruce Richter
John & Veronica Ricks
Wendy & Wayne Rider
Peter & Jacque Ridout
Paul Riegle
Lutzen & Carolynn Riedstra
Erich & Cassandra Riehl
Michael & Stephanie Riley
Annelies Ringgenberg
Michael Ritchie
Melinda Robb
Sharon Roberson
Brenda Roberts
Jack Roberts
Mary McGorman
Catherine Robertson
Michaele Robertson & Barry Wansbrough
Ms Brenlee Robinson
Colleen Robinson
David & Jennifer Robinson
John Robinson
Mike Robinson
Robinson Family
Wendy Robinson
Daniel Rocheleau
Thomas Rodger
In honour of Brian Rolfes & Bradley Berg
Mrs. Anne Romanchuk
Linda Romito
Geoff Rose
Ellen & Jack Rosen
Jeff & Lisa Rosen
Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Rosowski
Dorothy Ross
Marta Ross
Lorraine York & Michael Ross
Carolyn Ross
Jean Roth
Jean Roth
Rainer & Sharyn Rothfuss
Jane Rowan
Gail & Ken Rowles
Donna Rozak
David Ruddock
Richard & Nancy Runels
Gord Runtz
Kevin Rush
Dr. Bob Ruskin
Norman & Jo-Anne Russell
Mike & Roselie Rutledge
Jean Gordon Ryon
Hilary Sadler
Jeff & Judy-Ann Sadler
Samra Sahlu
Ruth Ann Sailstad
Bob Saint & Ann Steers
Sandra & Paul Sales
Dr. Steven Salterio & Ms Leslie Benecki
Paul & Jan Sanderson
Catherine Sandrasagra
Gillian Sandstrom & Paulo Ferreira
Erik Sansom
Joe & Jen Sarah O'Donnell
Vinay & Poonam Sarin
Ivana Sarmiento
James & Erika Sattler
Christopher Saunders
Kathleen & Robert Saunders
Peggy & Bob Savage
Jim & Joan Savitt
Sangeeta Saxena
Paul & Joan Sayer
John & Patricia Scala
Sandy & Alan Schwartz
Adelaide D. Schaaf
William (Bill) Schiller
Marilyn Harvey & Rob Schinbein
Andre & Rena Schklowsky
Honouring Mona & Richard Alonzo
Jan & Gary Schlee
Dawn Marie Schlegel & Darryl Matthews
Nadine Purvis Schmidt
Lois D. Schmitt
Nancy Schnarr
Dan Schneider
Brian & Annalee Schnurr
D. Schoales
Rosilind Schroeder
Zhenya Schukow
Mary Jane Schuon
Frank & Vanessa Scinta
E. Scott
In Memory of Laurence M. Scoville Jr.
Margot Scott
Pat & Bob Scott
Donalda Scott
Gloria & Ronald Scott
Graham W. S. Scott
Laurie Scott
Marion Scott
Patricia Scott
MWA - Wendy Scrimger
Nicholas & Jane Seed
Nathaniel Seel
Philip Seguin
Olivia Seibutis
Wolf & Cecelia Seidler
Dr. Deborah Selden & Bruce Penny
Ann Selman
Natasha Serba
Sherry Setchell
John Seymour
Richard Shantz
Dr. Albert Shapira
Mike Shara
Wayne & Carol Sharp
Ian & Jo-Anne Shaw
Kim Shea
David & Rosemary Shea
Tom & Peggy Sheehan
Elizabeth Sheffield & Timothy Wray
Margaret Shere
Teresa Sherman-Gach
Susan Shields-Ballantyne
Sarah Shirk
Kathryn Shirley
Christin Shmanka
Doug & Devika Short
Rita Sigsworth
Barbara Silberg
Brian Silcoff & M. Janette Hamilton-Silcoff
Andrew Silver
Constance Silver
Deborah & Howard Silverman
Bonnie Durnford
Susan Simon Daniels
Katherine Simon
Brian Simpson
M. Carleton Simpson
Cheryl & Paul Simpson
Dr. Glenn Sinclair
Shirley Sippel
P. Sisson
Bonnie Skelding
Amy E. Skillman
John & Jill Skinner
Elaine & James Slater
Robert Sloss & Frances Helphinstine
Jack Smith
Kyle Smith
Susan Smith-Evans
Alex & Nancy Smith
Brinnameade Smith
Mr. & Mrs. David R. Smith
Dawn & Denis Smith
Denis & Dawn Smith
Ellen & Roy Smith
Laurie & Art Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Lorne C. Smith
Mary Ellen Smith
Roz Smith
Sheila & Peter Smith
Victoria Smith
Peter & Barbara Smola
Dr. Michael Smyth & Margaret Mallory-Smyth
Richard & Marty Snodgrass
Kristie Soder
Kevin Solie
Carl & Virginia Solomon
Alan & Felicity Somerset
Karen Soupcoff
Mary Soye
Barbara Sparks
Isabella S.S.
Andrea Speltz
Robert Spence
Patricia Spencer
Susan Spencer
In memory of Robert Sperandio
Maureen Spira
Patricia Shaw Sprague
S. Sproull
Universities Canada
Cecilie St. Amand
Ted St.Antoine
Susan Stahly
Joyce Stankiewicz
Peter Stankiewicz
Brian & Linda Stanyer
Barry & Sharlyn Stare
Sandy Stark & Michael Rowlands
Jan & Susan Starr
Adrienne Steer
Gillian Stephens
Mary & Bill Steinbicker
Gavin & Paige Steciuk
Barb Steele
Sister Yvonne Steffler
Connie Steinbach
Andrew P. Stewart
Jan Stewart
Judy Stewart
Kim Stewart
Phillip & Penelope Stickney
Allan & Marcia Stillwagon
Judi & Jim Stillwell
David Stimpson
Andrea Stokfisz
Barbara A. Strachan
Donna Strader
Glen & Sandra Strawsburg
Marian Stuparick
Beverly & Geoffrey Suderman-Gladwell
J.A. Sullivan
Paul & Connie Sullivan
In memory of The Hon. Robert A.F. Sutherland QC
Janice Swanton
Krista Swetman
Joe Szekeres
Christine Szubeczak
Carol Tabor
Diane Takayesu
Brian & Lee Talbot
Sue & Craig Tallman
Eleanor Tannenbaum
Twila Tardif
Maureen Simpson & Almos Tassonyi
Clarice & John Tattersall
Harold Tausch
Barbara & Michael Taxier
Janis & Greg Taylor
Karen Taylor
Susan C. Taylor
Kelley Teahen & Christopher Moorehead
Mary & Ed Teft
Maria Tejada
Rodney Tembo
Kiat-Sing Teo
Lynda & Jean-Paul Tétrault
Nancy Theberge
Jeannie Thomas
Margaret & Peter Thomas
Deborah Thompson
Jane & Jack Thompson
Mary E. Thompson
Richard & Nancy Thompson
Donald & Sharon Thorne
Peter & Patricia Thornton
Wilda Thumm
Isabel Timmins
Brian Timney
Brian Tipton
Eva Tolkunow
Tami Toms & Peter Brown
Helen & Frank Tompa
Phil Toone
Coulman/Tormasi Family
Peter & Ann Trees
Daniel H. Tremblay
Gloria Trent
William & Linda Trevarthen
Marie Trotter
Mary Tsaltas
Tsetsos Constantina
Dennis Tuling
Marilyn Tunnicliff
David Turner
Lorie Jane Turner
Dennis & Carol Turvey
Jaime Leverton
Kathy Tyers
E. Paul Unger
Gregory Uss
Marion Vaclavik
Mary & Joe Valle
Sherry & Ed Vanoveren
Margaret & Ken Van Dyk
Peeter Vanker
Sharon Vance & Edward Johnson
Nicole Vanacker
Nancy Vandygriff
Claire Villeneuve et Michel Vanier
Kirsten Vanriper
Susan Varcoe
Lee & Melinda Varian
Dina Vaz
Eugenia Venchiarutti
Margaret Verkuil
Corinne Verpoorten
Verspagen Family
Deborah Vickers
Mark Vimr
Chhotalal & Duane Vinodrai
Katie Vlanich
Anton I. Volek
Colin Vollick
Harald Von Cramon
Mandy & Trevor Voyce
Sharon Vukoja
Ryan Wagner
Melissa Wagler
Judith Wagman
Howard Waiser
David Wake
Jason Walt
Karen Walden
Ellyn Waldman
Mr. Dick Wales
Jane Walker & Elaine Radu
Angela Wall
In honour of Diane McLaren
Eugene & Mary Wallingford
Christine Walmsley
Lenore Walters
Kirsten Ward
Tricia Ward
John Washburn & Kitty Hannaford
Zbigniew Wasilewski
Barbara Wasserman
Frances Waters
Lisa Watson
Jim & Margo Watt
Joyce & Don Watts
Robert & Susan Watts
Melanie Wawryk
Masato Webb
Wendy Webb
William Weeks
John & Viola Weil
Leslie & Sig Weitzman
Bruce Welch
Jody Wellings
Jennifer Wenn
Dr. Marsha Werb
Eileen Wesley
Gordon & Katri West
Frances Westley
Darlene Wheatley
Katie & Doug Wheeler
Elizabeth Whelan
Bob & Elizabeth Whitelaw
David & Sandra Whitmore
Gloria Whitehead
Lois Whitehead
Leslie Clare Whitfield
Jeremy Whitlock
Nanci Whittaker
James Whyte
Margaret Wiegand
Betsy Wiggins
Craig Wilker
David & Mary Lynne Wilton
Gary & Joan Wildish
Leigh Wilson
Andrea Leibson
Andrea Wilkes
Carol Wilkins
Barbara Williams
Doreen Williams
Barbara Williamson & Elizabeth Mignotte
Rachel Willis
John & Angela Willson
Catharine Wilson-Pote
Amy Wilson
Daniel Wilson
Helen E. Wilson
James H. Wilson
Kathy Wilson
Lillian & David Wilson
Michael & Lenore Wilson
Patty Winter
Claes G. Winqvist
Janice Winslow
Randy Weinstein
Bradley Winter
Joy & Scott Wishart
Merne Witherden
Jack Wodnicki
Anna Wodtka
Matt Wojack
Patricia Wojteczko
Bjorn Woldbeck
Dr Bertha Wolf
Ms Susan Wolfe
Ken & Colette Wolno
Anne & Scott Woodall
Alberta Auringer Wood
Duncan & Claudia Wood
Murray Wood
Dr. Richard Wood & Mary Walton
Natalia Woodall
Richard Wooderson
Ahuva Woods
Deborah Woods
Gerald Wootton
Joanne Wordham
Betty Jane Wylie
John Wylie
Jennifer Wynne
Mr. Brad Wyville
Tosh Yamamoto
Mira Yang
Marilyn Yarema
Dr. & Mrs. Walter Yaworsky
Doug Yeo
Marie Yeung
Norman Yeung
Florence M. Young
Viki Young
Edna Yovanov
Zaragoza & Novak
Christina & Keith Brown
Jane & Eb Zeidler
RuthAnn Zeigler
J. Zemaitis
Vera & Bob Sandusky
Mary Zimmer
Sandra Zinger
Carol Zinkewich
Roger & Carol Zinnecker
Char Zoet
Robert C. Anderson


Urve & Lewis Abbott
Olive Abeles & Patrick O'Connell
Eleanor Abra
Andy & Karen Abrams
Blaine Adams
Catherine Adams & Salvatore Di Bella
David & Patricia Adams
Jane Adams
Noeline Adamson
Debbie & Ian Adare
Robert & Shirley Addy
Ruth & Simon Adler
James Aiello & Chrys Gabrich
Leslee Ainsworth
Sherlynn Akitt
Nancy Aldrich
Megan Alexander- Lui
Daphne Aleven
Rodger & Diana Alexander
Carol Alguire
Jaleel Ali
Ms Toni Allen
Eric J. Allen
G. B. Allen
Gay Allison & Geoff Hancock
Richard & Mona Alonzo
Meaghan Alyea
Robert Amaron
James & Sue Andersen
Mark Andrews
Victoria Andersen
Alan & the late Karen Anderson
Andre Anderson
Bill & Jan Anderson
Carla Anderson
Doug Anderson
Bruce & Karen Anderson
Marianne Anderson
Nancy Anderson
Patricia Anderson
Kathy & Peter Anderson
Roxanne Anderson
Sharron Andresen & Anatole Crane
Larraine Andrews
Wendy & Joe Hirschegger
Thomas Anglewicz & Florentina Cruz
Lori Anschuetz & Celia Easton
John & Kathy Anstruther
Susan Anthony
Dalia & Jurgis Anysas
Harlene & Henry Appelman
Susan & Terry Applebaum
Catherine Arbuckle
Bruce Archibald
Ross & Yvonne Archibald
Patty & Sam Ardery
Ariel's Boutique Bed & Breakfast
Barbara Armstrong
Zelda Armstrong
Kim Arnold
Norman & Joan Ashton
Thomas Ashwell
Robin Askew
Paul & Kay Assenheimer
Carolyn Atkin-Phillips
Jocelyn & Paul Atkisnon
Margaret Atwood
Jo-Anne Aubut
Peter Auksi
Ralph & Ernestine Austen
Robert Austin & Laurel Austin
Irina Averbukh
Susan Avey
William R. Avison & Julia McDonald
Ralph Michael Awrey
Judith Axelrod, MD
Les Babbage
Alan & Audrey Babensee
Edward Babin
Evelyn & Brian Babineau
Dr. David Bach & Judy Hoenich
Sandy Backus
Dan Badea
Renee Badertscher
Linda Badke
Randal Bagg
Dr. Ian & Mrs. Janet Baggs
Rita Bailey
John & Claudine Bailey
James C. Baillie & Dr. Elizabeth Kocmur
Drs. Andrew & Cornelia Baines
Beverly & David Baird
Jeannie Baird
John & Mary Bajc
Jackie Bajus
Claire & Steve Baker
Dennis & Patricia Baker
Irene Baker
Joe & Margaret Baker
Kathy Baker & Denise Boisvert
Peter & Marilyn Balan
Karon C. Bales & Charles E. Beall
Nancy & Jeff Balfour
Maggie Banks
Sarah & Jason Bandey
Dr. Joyce Banks & Ron Fischer
Terrie Banks
Michael & Christy Bannerman
Margaret B. Barker
Margaret Bartos
Roberta Barrett
Les & Sue Barber
Jim & May Kay Barby
Holly Barclay & Daniel Wiersma
Sharon Barclay
Janice & Edward Bardzik Jr.
Brian Barge
Edward Barichello
Mary & John Barker
Richard & Miriam Barkley
Robert & Gina Barlow
Beth Barlow & Ralph Thomson
Grace Barnes
Michael Barnes
Mr. Michael Barnstijn & Ms. Louise MacCallum
Barbara Baron
Donald Baronowski
Susan Knight
Rachael Barreca
Colleen Barrett
Laurie Barrett & Martin Block
Penny Barrett
Bob & Doreen Barton
Deborah & Paul Barton
Dale & Lynn Bast
Alice Battista
Ildiko Battista
Dariel & Stephen Bateman
Nancy Batten
The Battle Creek Master Singers
Gary Bauslaugh & Gwyneth Evans
Rochelle Baum
Glenn & Marcella Bauman
Katherine Baxter
Paul & Sandra Baxter
Karen Bean
Mary Ann Beaupre, Jean Walsh, Ruth Walsh and Rita Walsh
Michael & Gerree Beacom
George Beal
Doreen Beaman
Judith Beamish
Carolynn Beange
Brian Beard
Sharon Bearpark, Kathryn Munn, Kathryn Taylor, Karen Danylchuk & Jan
Charles & Jean Beaton
Lorraine Beattie & Gary Waller
Jane Beaudoin
Brian Beaven
Dianne J. Beaven
Karen Beazley
Karen & Margaret Bechard
Bob & Carla Bechtel
Dave Beck
Denise Beck
Barry & Elin Becker
Janice Beckett
Mary Jane Beingessner
Louise Bellhouse
John & Dian Bell
Roderick L. Bell
Dr. & Mrs. Dean C. Bellavia
Andrea Bellefeuille
Gloria Bennett
Julia Benedetto
William D. Bennett
Rosemary & Paul Bender
Jo-Ann Gray Benedict
R. Peter Bennett
Helen & Andy
Judith Horner & Hammond Bentall
Dr. Mary P. Bentley
Mollie & Christi Bernister
Sharron Berec
Caroline Beren
Janis Berg
Maureen & Jerome Bergart
Martin & Judy Bergbusch
K. & I. Bergen
Patti & Joe Bernier
Deborah & Michael Berrill
Irene Berry
Rhonda Bertolo
Jim Bertram & Bonnie Foster
Judith Berube
Valerie Jean Best
Stella Bester
Nani & Austin Beutel
Joy & Stuart Bevan
Lorraine Billings
Thomas Bilenkey
Barbara Christina Binder
B. Bird
Leeds & Margaret Bird
Birkett Family
John Bishop
Lynne Bisset
Brian & Maureen Bixley
G. Lorne Black
John & Sandy Black
Thomas Black
Rose Blackmore
B.W. Blackwell
Julie Blahitka
Timothy John Blahout
Russell Blake
Steven & Allison Blakey
Mary Ellen Blanch
The Blandfords
Paul & Lee Blizman
Linda Bloch
Jon & Jane Blyth
David & Heather Boal
Anne Bode
Brenda Boiteau
C.A. Bolton
Deb Bomans
Elizabeth Bone
The Bonifer Family
Coralyn Bond
James & Markley Bond
John Bondi & Ruth Lukaweski
Jim Bondy
Charles & Kathleen Bonneau
Charles Boocock
Clare Booker & Jay Mowat
Keith & Lyn Boone
Tom & Treena Bors
Tove Boss
Emily Boss
Carol Bossenberry & Ralph Wallis
Mary & Richard Boswell
Louis C. Bothwell Travieso
Harvey Botting
Sandra & George Boucher
Dawn Boudreau
Andrew Boughen
Laura & Roger Bouma
Judy Boundy
Laurie Bower
Anne Bowker
Brenda Bowlby & Rick Burgess
Margaret Bowman
Morva Bowman & Alan Pollard
Terry Boyle & Jim Lawlor
Thomas Roger Boyle
Barbara Bradshaw
George & Prilla Smith Brackett
Marilyn Brady
Jill Bradbury
Rebekah Bradshaw
David & Patti Bragg
Cathy Bragg
Sharon & Roger Brain
Peter Brayshaw
Jean Brett
Gordon & Kaye Breckenridge
Kelly Brewer
Kirsten & Kathryn Brewster
Robert Bride
Sharon Au & Jonathan Bright
James Brown
Stan & Susan Brown
Stuart Brooks
Frank & Patricia Broccolina
Doug & Mary Lou Brock
Michael Brodie
Jack & Diane Brokenshire
Pam Broley
Deborah Brooks
Doug & Cindy Brooks
George & Lorraine Brophy
Trish & Alex Brown
Barbara M. Brown
Mr. Brian Brown
Craig & Linda Brown
Gail J. Brown
Katherine Brown
Andrew & Larysa Brown
Linda Brown
Lorena Brown
Mary Brown
Paul Brown
Stephen Brown & Marilyn Cresswell
Warren Brown
William Brown & Verena Hammerli
Linda Browning
Ellen A. Brubaker
Ian Brumell & Margaret Axford
David & Jody Brunatti
Graham Brunke
Betty Brush
Hilary Bruun & Ian Motherwell
Robert & Colleen Bryant
Norma Bryce
Harry & Mariyn Brydges
Thomas Brydges
Michelle and Ruth Bryk
Dr. & Mrs. Terry Bryon
Vinnie Buchanan
Wayne & Liz Buchanan
Brian Bucknall & Mary Jane Mossman
Wendy Buder
Chris Buehler
Marjorie & Bill Buhlman
Robert & Janice Buhr
Richard Bull & Bryan Pipe
G. Rapley Bunting
Michael & Linda Burke
Nicky Burns & Shayna Burns
Ms Virginia Burd
Barbara & John Burbidge
Gene Burdenuk & Susan Traill
Bruce Burgess
Chris Burghardt
Patrick & E. Jane Burk
E. Burke
Dr. & Mrs. Ernest C. Burman
Keith & Tam Burnett
Carol Burns & Steven Kraft
Peter Burrill & Mary Mark
Sarah Burrows
Helen Burstyn, C.M.
Frances Burton
Jutta Busch
Carmen Bush
Debra S. Bush
Jim & Bonnie Buske
Brian Butler
Sharon & Martin Butler
Katherine Butson
Barbara & John Buttars
Nathan Butterworth & Jacques LaBelle
Mary Byberg
Linda Byers-Blaksmith & Charles Blaksmith
Julie Byrd Clark
Dorothy L. Byrne-Jones
Evelyn Bytheway
Blair Caines & Brad Candy
Beverley Cairns
Eileen F. Calabrese
Jane & Iain Calder
Barbara & Sam Caldwell
Janet & Daniel Calhoun
Gary Callon
Michael Campion
Brian & Pat Cameron
Georgina Cameron
Melissa Cameron & Ben Morris
Charles Campbell
Claire Campbell
Dr. Craig Campbell
Lisa & Don Campbell
Grant Campbell
Dr. Valerie Thompson
Dr. & Mrs. K. James Campbell
Kathy & Bernie Campbell
Mireya Campbell
Peter Campbell
Philip & Carol Campbell
Robert Campbell
Sharon & Howard Campbell
Sharon Campisano
Canada Linc English-Guelph
Terry Canning
Donna Cansfield
Annette Canzona
Vince Capizzo & Betsy Strand
James Caruso
Mary Cardinal
The Carletons
William Carlisle
Grant Carmichael
Heather Caron
Brian Carr & Kathryn Elliott
Philip C. & Carol Carra
Tessa Carrel
Carol Carruthers
Rose Carruthers
Leigh Carson
Allan Carter
Anne Laurel Carter
Kathy & Mike Carter
Terry & Magdalen Carter
Joan Mascaro Caruso
Phillip & Virginia Caruso
Janet Carwardine
Felicia Cassanos and Patrick Sweeney
Terence Cassidy
Peter Castle
Wayne & Elizabeth Caston
Pat Cavan
Joyce Cavanagh-Wood
Lynn Cavanagh
Kathleen Cavanaugh
Rebecca Caverly
Richard & Shirley Ceely
Guy Chadsey
Steve & Judy Chalmers
Susan Chalom
Jim & Donna Chamberlain
John Chambers
Betty Chandler
Jerome Chang
Linda & Verne Chant
Edmund Thomas & Charmion Chaplin-Thomas
Jane Charlton
Louis Charpentier & Robert Wakefield
Andy Charron
Diane Charter
Karen Cheadle
Diana & Winston Cherry
Jeffrey R. Chessum
Ken & Giselle Tsang
Austin & Gillian Chinn
Patty Chippa
Eleanor Chithalen & Margaret Childs
Donna Chonjnacki
Andrew Chong
Roberta Christianson
Alan and Ann Christie
Mr. & Mrs. Gary K. Christie
Molly Christie
Geoffrey Church
John Churchill
John Churchill
Dr. Kate Ciceri
Terri Cino
Henry & Jeanne Ciok
Cindy Clark
Michael & Sybil Clapperton
Dr. & Mrs. Brian Clark
Andrea & Bill Clarke
Jan Clarke
Linda Clarke
Pamela Clarke
Ron Clay & David Dove
Ian Cleary
Katherine Cleland
Suzy & Kayle Clements
John & Pattie Cleghorn
George and Edna Clemans
John & Shirley Clement
Maurice & Christine Clement
Dr. John & Shirley Clifford
Lauren C.
Dr. Janice Coates
Trish Fulton & Paul Cocker
Judith Cohen
Clive & Fiona Cohen
Elizabeth & Joshua Cohen
Robert & Floraine Cohen
Mr. & Mrs. Tony Colalillo
Douglas & Joanne Colbourne
John Cole, Gisele Poirier & family
Judith C. Cole
Karen Cole
Rachel Coley
Barbara Colley
Mary Ann & Don Collins-Williams
Brenda Collins
Edward & Barbara Collins
Myra Collins
Harry Dahme
Susan Collins
Vivienne Collinson
Lionel Colman
Trish Colter & Paul Read
Sherry Coman
Jane & Bob Connochie
Shirley D. Connor
Dr. Lee Ann Conover
Doug & Sally Cook
Cook Smith Vaughn Collective
Kate Gfeller & Kyran Cook
John & Karen Cooke
Rhon & Jennifer Cooke
Shelly Cooke
Lawrence Cooledge
Peter Cooney & Joan Rogers
Cathie Cooper
Elise Cooper
M. Jane Cooper
Barbara Copeland
Cynthia Copeland
Kathleen Copping
Michelle & Eric Cornish
Christa Corell
Katherine Robb Corlett
Linda Cormick
Stephen & Lori Cornell
Gail Corning
Constance & Ron Corrigan
Beverley Corsini
Priscilla Costello
Susan Costello
Bram & Beth Costin
Alan & Sarah Cotterill
Cathy & Paul Cotton
Judy Couillard
Jean & Karen Couture
Phyllis & Robert Couzin
Aaron Cowan
Ian Cowan
Mary C. Cox
John & Hélène Crabb
Kathryn Craig
Linda Craig
R. & C. Craig
Allan Craik
Maisie Cram
Bradley Crawford, Q.C.
John Crawford
Kay Crawford
Margaret Crawford
O. & J. Cressman
Margo Crist
Gordon & Janet Crompton
In memory of Norine Crompton
Barbara Crook & Dan Greenberg
Richard & Andrea Croskery
Donna Cross
Richard Cross
Bill Crothers
Margaret Ann Wilkinson
Felicia Crystal
David M. Cullen
Pat & Lorene Cullen
Martha & Paul Buchanan
Lora & Bill Cummings
James Cummins
Lynn Cunningham
Pat & Bill Cunningham
Stuart & Cathy Cunningham
Kathy Cuocolo
Cole & Barbara Currie
John & Laurie Currie
Jim Curry
Corinne Curtin
Verna Cuthbert
Christine C. Czerwinski
Joseph & Patricia D'Avanzo
Gary D'Mello
Lina D'Onofrio
Elllisa & Jason Daily
Robert Daly
John Dale
Richard Dale & Ellen Sandler
Don Daley
David Dalrymple
Marylee Dalton & Lynn Drickamer
Edward D'Ancona
Bryan and Malkin Dare
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Darling
Gordon & Ann Darroch
Chris & Gianna
Ginny Dauberger
J.H. Dow Davis
Lynne Davis
Judy Davidson
Mary Davidson
Jocelyn Davie
John & Kaye Davies
Jim & Linda
Nigel Davies
Barry Davis
Barbara & Dale Davis
Beth Davis
Jim Davis
Morris Davison & Christine Harrison
Joan Daynard
Elaine De Abreu
Christine De Boer
Anita de Jong
Gary & Marianne de Salis
Michael & Christine De Santis
Christopher & Jacqueline Dean
Barry Deathe & Susan Brown
Deborah Pantoni Group
Dr. Charles Deber & Dr. Raisa Deber
Heather DeBoer
Connie Deckert
Frank DeDecker
Ann Marie DeGroote
John Degraaf
Shahan Deirmenjian
Josephine Deiters
Bev & Jane DeKay
Lynda DelGrande
Barbara Dembek
Gloriea Deneau
Paul Dengel & Paula Morency
Patricia Denig
Nicole Denis
Mary Anne Dente
Victor & LaVonne DePaoli
Michele Derr
Karen & Gregg Derrett
Jack Derricourt
Christian Desjardins
Yves Desrochers & Julie St-Yves
Jacquelyn DeThorne
George & Adele DeTitta
John Devalence
Dr. Jann Devereaux
Michelle Devos
Judy Dezell
Julie Di Lorenzo-Graham
Frumie Diamond
Mr. & Mrs. Dick
Mark Dickie & Robin Middleton
A. Dickie & S. Ramondt
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Dickie
Pat & Roy Dickinson
Margaret E. Dickson
D. Jean Hutchinson
D. Jean Hutchinson
Carl Dietrich & Megan Kerr
Phil & Jane Dietrich
Mark Di Felice
Peter Dignan
Mrs. Judith Dimitriu
Diann & Andrew Dincolo
Richard & Sarah Dine
Charles & Margaret Dingman
Gillian Dinning
Robert S. Dinsmore
Maribeth Ditchfield
Dr. Holly Dobbins
Jane Dobinson
Phil Dobson
Mrs. Carole Dodd
Cathy Dodge Smith
Andrew Doherty
Catherine Doherty
Sue, Joan, Lynne and Marg Donahue
William Donaldson
Emma Donoghue
Steven D. Donohoe
Shauna Dorskind
Catherine R. Doud
Bradley Douglas & Tong Zhou
Dennis A. Dowker
Valerie Anne Downs
David & Anne Dowson
Mr. H. W. Osmond and Dr. Sheila Doyle
Dr. Peter A. Kuhlmann
Susan Draus
Dana Dramnitzke
Susie Draper
Gerald & Carol Dray
Harry Drews
John & Hedy Dreyer
J. Driskill & L. Bryant
Diana R. Drouillard
Miriam & Marvin Dryer
Ranjan & Shahnaz Duara
Roman Dubinski & Shirley Bourke
Marlene & Gerald Dubois
Patrick & Ruth Ducharme
Nancy Duemling, Renee Tierney & Virginia Bloxsom
Kelly Duffin
Terry & Cindy Dugan
Tara Duhan
Victoria & Grant Duley
Susan Duncan
Cynthia Dunlavy
Andy Dunlop
Jim & Barbara Dunn
Zander & Nancy Dunn
Karin Dunnigan
Marie Dunseith
Anne W. Dupré
Lenore Duquette
Jan & Michael Durban
Phil Dwyer & Christen Shoesmith
Rand Dyck
Paul Dzsudzsak
Margaret E Eadie
D. Joan Eagle
Gloria J. Earl
Douglas K. Eckel
Janet L. Ecker & Derek Nelson
Ms Helen Edmonds
Jean & John Edmonds
Cliff & Mary Edmonstone
Nancy & William Edmunds
David Edney
Mary Edwards
Susan Edwards
Don Edwards & Lyle Beaman
James Edwards
Janet Edwards
Lance & Johanne Edwards
Leonard & Margaret Edwards
Richard and Nadine Edwards
Julian Egelstaff
Tristan Laut
Jennie Ehrmann
Julia Eisendrath
Wendy Eisen
Gary & Barbara Eisenberg
Robert & Ellen Eisenberg
Irene Elce
Ross Elliott
Sarah Elliott
Judy Maddren & Tim Elliott
Robert Ellis
Michele Elo
Ken & Amy Elwert
Allison Christilaw & Doug Emerson
Cynthia Englert, Darlene Griffith-Blake, Michelle Bucholz & Jamie Pi
Arthur Ensroth
Jane Epstein
Cathi Erdman
Gloria Estabrooks
Jim & Elizabeth Etherington
Barbara Evans
Barrie & Marion Evans
John & Patricia Evans
Nancy Evans & Jim Trenberth
Pat & Wendy Evans
Lawrence Evenchick
Peter Everill
Jane & Evan Ewasko
Harry & Kim Ewen
Peter & Joan Faber
Glenna J. Fair
Ann Fairhurst & Mark Cipra
Allan & Renee Falconer
Stephanie & Franklin Famme
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Farnham
Dave & Deb Farrell
Ryan Farrell
Barb & Stab Farrow
Carol Fathers
Ann Fatzinger
Maureen Toohey
Anne & Ron Fawcett
Elaine Faye
David Feny
John & Elizabeth Feightner
Margaret Felce
Paul & Mary Fennell
Ron & Joan Ferguson
Sue Ferguson
Robert Ferrari & Irene Papavasil
Olga Fershaloff
Julia Fesmire
Sara & Karl Fiegenschuh
Marilyn Field
Carla Fillion
Tina Filoromo
Paul & Karen Fine
Paula Finkelstein
Russell C. Finch & Carol N. Finch
Judy & Jan Finkel
F. Finnestad
Harry Fisher
Judith Fisher
Michael Fitzgibbons
David Flamino
Brian Flannery
Peter & Jean Fleche
Mary & Mike Fleishman
Virginia Fleming
Kate & Rowland Fleming
Yvonne Fleming
Peter Flintoft
Caroline Floroff
In Memory of Mary Angela Willson
Zela & Ray Foley
Christine Fong, Lorraine Christie, Helen Singer
Peter Font
Anne & Fabrizio Fontana
Martha L. Foote
Mr. & Mrs. Ivan K. Ford
Lauren Forbes
Ann Ford
Kevin Forrest
Ben Forster & Patricia Morley-Forster
Karie Forster
Alan Forsyth
Jeanne Forsythe
Molly Fortier
J. Peter & Carol Foster
Four Michiganders looking forward to 2021
Margaret Foulds
Jane Couchman & Bill Found
Kim, Henri, Allyson & Thomas Fournier
Sue Fowler
Robert & Diane Fox
Pat Foy
Shirley Frank
Catherine Francis
Marie-Luise Francis
Alan & Ann Frank
Bruce & Eleanor Frank
Lynne Frank
Irene Bass & Michael Frankel
Carol Franze
Niall Fraser & Barb Berg
Rhoda Jean Fraser
Sue Frazier
Annick Freed
Kathleen Freeman
Barbara & Donald Freeman
Mr. & Mrs. Robin Freeman
Susan Freeman
Richard French
William French
Ted Frey & Merle Fast
Ruth Friendship-Keller
Gloria Friedman
Joseph & Fredi Fries
Sarah Friesen
Suzanne King/Ted Friesen
Richard and Judith Frise
Sylvia Froome
Brenda Froese
Helen M. Fry
Terry & Candace Fryett
Jeanne Moffat & Bob Fugere
Anne Fullerton
Barbara Funnell
Darrell Furgoch
Steve Furino
Jason & Elizabeth Furlong
Jim Furlong
Patricia Fyfe
Tove Fynbo
Dr. Marc Gabel & Ms. JoAnne Harrop
Anita Gaffney & Kevin Misener
Elizabeth A. Gaffney
Dr. Bob Gaines & Toni S. Burke
Rev. Thomas George Gajdos
John & Lynda Galbraith
T. Gallagher
Jocelyne Gall
Karen Gammage
Judge John & Mrs. Ruth Gammell
Nathan Garber
Maralyn Garbutt
John & Therese Gardner
Zita Gardner
Virginia Garrison
William Garvey & Gerald Naylor
Stuart Brown & Annette Gaskin
Jeff Gaulin
Joan & David Gauthier
Kim Gauthier
Adam Gavsie
Jeremy Gawen
William & Helen Gawley
Jan & Doug Gayman
Graziano Gazzola
Marie Gear & Larry Cerson
Warren Gedcke
Charles & Margery Gelbard
Paige Gelinas
Laura Genik
Geoff & Betsy Gephart
Perry Gerhard
Suzanne Gerhold
Linda Gerry
Carole Gibson
Judith Gibb
Jacqueline Gibbons
Bob Gibson
Dale Gibson & Sandra Anderson
Hope & Libby Gibson
Lauren Gienow
Caroline Giesbrecht
Danielle Gignac
Dara Gilbert
Dr. Joseph & Mrs. Gloria Gilbert
Catharine Gilbertson
Stephen & Lauran Gilbreath
The Reverend Julia Gill
Justice Eileen Gillese
Gillian Gillespie
Fred & Susan Gilliam
Sheila Gillson
John & Sarah Gilmour
James & Marilyn Gilson
Joan Gingras
Mr. Marvin Ginsky
Judy & Ernie Ginsler
Karen Girling & Bruce MacLellan
Gregory & Geradette Givan
The Reverend Canon Laurette Glasgow
Dennis & Janet Glazebrook
Derek Glazier
Julie Glendinning
Erika Glenny
Rona Kosansky & Jordan Glick
Drs. Michael & Marianna Glinka
Dennis and Barbara Glotzhober
L. Glover
Nancy & John Glover
John & Ellen Glynn
Carol Blackmon Gnich
John & Susan Goddard
Krista Godinho
Ed & Mona Goldman
Cynthia Goldstein
James Goodwin
Cindy Good
Jerry & Bonnie Good
Patricia Good
James Goode & Patricia Kerwin
Jean & Ray Goodier
Susan Goodman
John & Mary Goodwin
Dianne Goodyear
Anita DeMarco Goor & Barbara Castellana
Merrill Goozner
Jennifer Gordon
L. Gordon
Margaret Gordon
Nancy Gordon
David & Sheila Gore
Jack & Anita Goren
Robert & Mary Ann Gorlin
Sarah & John Gosling
Janis Gougeon
Anne Gould
Peter G. Gould & Robin M. Potter
Bernard Goward
Elizabeth Grace
Lois Granger
Paul & Ruth Gray
Brenda Graham
Charles & Barbara Graham
Cindy Smythe, Kate Graham, Reg Quinton
Monica & Jeremy Graham
Roger & Janet Gram
Carole Granatstein
Maria Grande
Catherine Grant
Debi Grant
Doug Grant & Nancy Conn
George Grant
Stephen & Ruth Grant
Brian Gray & Joanna Maund
Maureen Callahan & Douglas Gray
Katy Gray
Dr. Thomas Gray & Ms Linda MacDonald
Jan Graybiel
Wayne & Dorothy Greenley
Barbara Green
Michael & Lorna Green
Susan L. Green & Jonathan Logan
Susan Green
Charles B. & Susan I. Greenberg
Larry Greenberg
Carrie & Emily Greenop
Michael & Jean Greenough
David Greer
Mrs. Eleanor Greer
Cathryn Gregor
B. Gregory
Julius H. Grey & Lynne-Marie Casgrain
Merle Griff
Susan Griffin
Margaret Griffith
Penny and Jim Griffith
Katherine Grimsdale
William & Helen Griner
Margaret Grisdale
Cathy Grogan
Mary Gross
Paulette and H.P. Grotrian
Joann Grondin
Betty A. Gropp
Toni Gross
Toni Grossman
Cameron & Marsha Grout
George & Beverly Grove
Hans and Virginia Gruenert
Jennifer & Michael Grudnoski
Anthony T. Grudnoski, Ph.D.
James & Brenda Grusecki
Bill & Trish Guarino
Liz Guest
Noreen Gunn
Dr. Hugh Gunz
John & Joanne Guoba
Diana Gustafson
Ron Gustafson
Mary Guy
Joan Haberman
Mary Ann & Vladimir Hachinski
Dr. Dennis & Dorothea Hacker
Benjamin Hadar & Christine Wojahn
Kathlyn Hagerman
Kelly Haid
Sue & Cliff Haka
Colleen Hale
June & Brian Hale
James & Kyle Hall
Jan Hall
Richard Hall
Rhonda Hallberg
Paul & Anne-Marie Halliday
Vincent & Elizabeth Hamacher
Jody & Deborah Hamade
John & Mary Hamilton
Shawn Hamilton
S. Hamilton
Bill Hammond
James Hammontree & Alexander Parr
Tom & Sarah Hamza
Anastasia Hanson
James Handman & Renee Pellerin
Joan Hanpeter
Gregg & Monique Hancock
Janis Hancock
Brian Hanington & Deborah Johnson
Keith Hankinson
William Hanley
Penny Hanson
Stephen & Raymonde Hanson
William & Danielle Hanson
Denise Harris
Eilene Harris
Janet Harris
Richard & Kathleen Harris
Dr. George Harauz
Pat McQuaid & Jim Harbell
Randy & Nancy Harbour
Stephen & Michele Harding
Tina Hardwell
Gil Hardy & Pegeen Walsh
Marika Hare
Sheila Harrington
Adrienne Harris
Beverly Harris & Tim Seegmiller
Don & Mary Harris
Jo Harris
Joanne Harris
Joyce Harris
Ken & Marilyn Harris
Lorna & Adrienne Harris
Carol I. Harrison
Margaret & John Harrison
Julia Harrison & John Wadland
Susan Harrop
Grace Delahanty & David Harryman
Michael Hart
Shira Hart
Jeanne & David Grover
Bonnie L. Hartley
Jim & Deb Hartley
Sharib Hartrich
John Harvey
Ken Harvey & Bruce Myers
K. D. Harvey
Alison Harvison Young & Herman Wilton-Siegel
Chris Harwood
S. Mary Hatch
James Hawn & Bill Prentice
Ron Hay & Hilaire St-Pierre
Michael & Jeanne Haynes
Patricia Hays Forsythe & Robert Forsythe
Bill Hazlewood
Steven Heacock
Priscilla H. Healy
Mary Liz Hearn
Paul & Barbara Hebert
Gary Hegedus
Michael Heilbronn
J. Daniel Heilman, MD
Claude & Adele Heimann
William Heimann & Mary Toll
Jane & Ralph Heintzman
Angeline Heisler
Diane & Todd Helle
Glenna Hemphill
Dr. Hugh Hendrie
Mary Hennessey
Janet Henchey
Penny Mustin
John Hendriks
Linda M. Hendry
Glynis A. Henry
Dick & Carol Henshall
Vic & Marion Hepburn
Gloria Heppner
Brian & Barbara Herner
Lawrence & Beatrice Herman
Thomas Herman & Jeanne Pepper
David Hersey
Richard & Sandra Hess
John & Rachel Heuman
Robert and Devorah Heyman
Janet & Peter Hicken
Wendy Hickey
Robert D. Hicks & Suzanne L. Burke
Wendi Hiebert
Lauri & Jean Hiivala
Ellen Hill
Jane Hill
John Hill & Liz Gilbert
Mathew & Christine Hill
Stewart & Kathy Hill
Verne & Mary Hill
Wendy Hiller
Beverley & Keith Hillyer
Jane Hiscock
Hans Hodge
Nigel & Bridget Hodges
Tom & Marie Hodgson
Wayne Hodgson and Nancy Sprules
Vida Hofmann
Peggy Hoffman
Sarah Hoffman
Mary E. Hofstetter & R. David Riggs
Janet Hogarth
Amy Hogg
Nan Hogg
Dan & Julie Hokstad
Fred & Nancy Holden
Marie Holcomb
Nitzan Holzberg
Pamela & Howard Holmes
Ronald Holgerson
Gordon L. Hollander
Susan & Ron Holliday
David & Mariella Holmes
Elizabeth Holmes
Warren Holmes & Lucille Roch
Penelope Hommel & James Bergman
Marion Honsberger
Wayne & Sandra Honsberger
Anthony Hooper
Cyrus Hopkins & Betty Blume
Vivian Hopkins
J. Horgos
Barb & Lee Horigan
Heather Horn
Michiel Horn & Cornelia Schuh
Dr. Ronald & Carol Horowitz
William Horrell & Kate Nessler
Judy Horsley
Malcolm & Janet Horsnell
D. L. Horton
John & Carolyn Horton
Dr. Jane Hosdil
R. A. Hossie
Denise House
Marcia Hovey-Wright
Lynn & Dick Hovey
Barb Howe
Dr. John Howard & Dr. Nicole le Riche
Lee Allison Howe
Robin Howe
Nicholas C. Howson
Elizabeth Hoyle
Sally & John Hoyles
Garth Huestis & Mark Pellettier
Linda Huffman
James Hughes
Madeline Hughes
Roger & Jean Hull Jr
Mike & Carol Hulls
Pamela Humber
Ronald & Marilyn Humphrey
Barbara Hunsberger
Caroline Hunt
James C. Hunt
Lindsay & Susan Hunt
M. & N. Hunt
Anthony Hunter
Archie & Jean Hunter
Dave Hurley
James Huston & Theresa Miller
Bruce Hutchinson
Herb & Pam Hutchinson
John & Lorna Hutchinson
Dr. Nancy L. Hutchinson
Charles & Patricia Hutchison
Patricia Hutchison
Hyrdro Pensioners of Hamilton
Shena Hyde
Peter & Theresa Hyland
Paul & Margarita Ibbott
Rodney & Mary Ilott
Dr. Horne Ing & Dr. Joan Jeu
Grant Inglis
Drs. W. L. & J. A. Innerd
Bonnie Innes
D'Arcy & Judy Irvine
Greg Irving
Simon & Janice Irving
Elizabeth Isaac
Gerald Izenberg
Gordon & Margaret Jack
M. Adam Jacob
Elizabeth Jack
Kellie Jackman
John Jackson
June Jackson
Michael J. B. Jackson
Paul Jackson & Diane Bell
Tom & Bonnie Jackson
Fruman & Marian Jacobson
Iris Jacobson & Alan Levine
Paul Jafine
Debra & David James
J. James
Judith James
Mr. Kent James & Mrs. Pat James
Olivia & Gord James
Christina Jamieson
Sandy Jamieson
Joseph & Averil Jany
Meggen Janes
Mary Janigan
Dawn Jantzi
Alison Janzen
Ian & Brooke Jeffrey
Pamela Jeffery
Tanya Jenkins
Paul & Sheila Jenkins
Robert & Melissa Jensen
Mr. & Mrs. Wm. R. Jentes
Sue Cox & Sean Jessen
Peter & Bernard Jetschin
Brenda & Len Jewitt
Mary Jiordano
Jean Johnston
Peter Johnson
Bob & Pat Johnson
Colin & Ellen Johnson
Ethan & Beth Johnson
Eva Johnson
Frances E. Johnson
Jean Johnson
Kristina Johnson
Pat & Bob Johnson
Timothy & Jo Wiese Johnson
Timothy Johnson
Bill Johnston & Ellen Karp
Carol Johnston
Susan & Don Johnston
Dr. & Mrs. Greg Johnston
Janette H. Johnston
K. Wayne Johnston
Katrena Johnston
Lynn Johnston
Carolyn Collins
Robert Johnston
Terry Johnston & Kathy MacDonald
Ann & Tom Johnston
Wayne Johnston
D. A. Joliffe
Rod & Joanne Jones
Anne & John Jones
Gareth Jones
George H. Jones & Vivienne Lee
Judy Jones
Pamela Jones & Rainer Paduch
Sandy Jones
Larry & Patsy Joosse
Mary Joy
Robert Judd
Elizabeth Julian
Diane & Craig Julseth
Sidney Jundanian
Gloria Jung
Eleanore Kaarsberg
Stephanie Kadel-Taras
Gerda Kaegi
Stephen Kahnert
Stuart & Barbara Kahle
William Kailan
Dan & Catherine Kaloutsky
Tina Kalowski
W. & O. Kaminskyj
Joan Kammerer
Steve Kamski
Dagmar Kanzler
Karen & Howard Kaplan
Jack Kaplun & Jane Lambourn-Miller
Beth Karrow
Peter & Elke Kareckas
Jeanine Katzel
Giuliana & Bob Katz
Danette Gentile Kauffman & Diane Adams
Terry Kaup
Marcia Kavanagh
Stephanie Kazdan
Ciaran & Kathryn Kealy
Frank & Sara Kearney
Marie Keasey
Claire Kedeshian
Judith & John Kee
Linda A. Keen
Julia A. Keim
Murray & Wanda Keith
Mary E. Kelch
Randy Keller
Christopher Kelly
Darlene Kelterborn & Thomas Hagerty
Meghan & Ashley Kemp-Watkins
Laurie & Chris Kemp
David & Tracey Kempsell
Leslie & Margaret Kende
Mary Ann Kennedy
Jeremy & Lynn Kendall
Ann E. Kennedy
Doug Kennedy
Nancy Kennedy
Nanct Kennedy
Deborah Kennish- McCoubrey
Arlene Kent
J. Kent & J. Chmiel
Mona Kent
Diane Kenyon & Richard Hayles
Nancy Keppelman & Michael Smerza
A. Kerr
Kyle F. Kerr
Adrienne & Jon Kertzer
Louise Mary Keskinen
David & Sharon Kessler
Marie E. Kessler
Karen Kettle & Greg Moon
Diane Kewley
Barbara & the late Paul Kidd
Robert Kieft & friends
John & Susan Kime
George & Connie King
Ken King
Valerie Kings
Anjana & Bryce Kipfer
Stephanie Kirton
Jeanne & Marc Kirby
Bradley L. Kirk
Heidi Kirk
Robert Kirk & Sarah Hunt
Mary Lynn Kitaura
Richard Lee Kitchen
Trudee Klautky
Robert & Marta Kline
Donna Klebanoff
Jim & Carol Klenk
Jessica Klumper
Sandra & William Knowles
Diane Koert
Glen Koehn
Larry Koerner
Stan and Sheila Kogon
Kohankie Sisters
Andrea Kohler
Dr. Ronald J. Kolar & Mrs. Nancy Kolar
Sharyanne & Dr. Arnold Kollin
Margaret Kominek
Steven & Maureen Komlos
Cindy L. & Timothy J. Konich
Julie Konrad & Michael Brisbin
Marta Konrad
D.M. Kooka
William Kopes
Gary & Mary Margaret Koreen
Myrna Kostash
Bob & Gail Kostash
David & Marjorie Kostelnik
Louise Kot
Harold Kranick
Sondra Kraitberg
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Kral
Russell & Valerie Krokoszynski
Hartman & Brenda Krug
Robert & Donna Kruse
Ernie & Marion Kuechmeister
Bishop & Joan Kuflik
Stephen & Anne Kuhl
Donna Kujat
Jonel Kurtz
Harry Kurrie & Mary VanDike
Katherine Kurtz & Raburn Howland
Dr. Raymond Kurys & Ms. Susan O'Riordan
Kate & Tom Kush
Sandra & Erik Kuttis & Family
Dave & Maria Kuziemko
Alison Kyba
William Kydd
Deborah Kyle
Bill & Janet L'Heureux
Ronald & Shirley Lacey
Shirley Lachapelle
Dorothy Lackey
Elaine M. Ladd
Mike & Kathy Lague
Jane Fryman Laird
Antje & David Laidler
Marsden Laing
Sheree Lake
Paul & Anne Lake
Paul Lakin
Anne & Martin LaLonde
Bob Lamarche
David & Margaret Lamb
Marianne Lamb
Dixi Lambert
Sally E. Lane
Diane & Daniel Lang
Maryann Lang
Jack & Gail Langerak
Carolyn Langill
Amanda Langis
Bruce & Judy Langstaff
Francesca LaPlante-Sosnowsky & William Sosnowsky
Judi & Ken LaPolla
Barbara Larke
John & Connie Lauder
Maggie & James Laughlen
Lys & Hugh Laurence
Tom & Nancy Laurie
Keith Laushway
Anne Lavoie
Donald Lawrence
Dale M. Lawr
Ross Lawrence
Wayne Lawrence
Joan Lawton
Ron Lawton & Steve Chitovas
Jerold & Judith Lax
John Laycock
Susan Le Roy
Becky Leach
Sandra Leah
James Leake
Judith Leaman
Marikate Leavens & Thomas & Noah Mack
Amos T. Leavitt lll & Rebecca Willow
Claude Lebeuf
A. LeBlanc
Robert & Helen Lebowitz
Edythe LeClerc
Dianne Lee
Donald Lee
Julie Yan Ping Lee
Pat Lee
Robert Lee
Marie Lefaive
Leslee Lefteruk
Linda Legacy
Catherine Legere
Alexander & Anna Leggatt
Brian Legrow
Susan Leigh
Drusilla Leitch & Elsie Beuerman
Reverend Robert & Mrs. Emily Leland
James Lemire & Elizabeth Yang
Nancy Lemmen & Mark Hansen
Elizabeth Lemon
Robert Lemon
Dr. Renee S. Lerche
Jerrold Lerman
Ray & Paula Letheren
Mark Leventer & Kathleen Anzicek
Elizabeth Leverette
Arthur & Carol Levine
Heidi Levine
Janet & Ellsworth Levine
Mitch & Ginny Levine
Peter Levitt & Mai Why
Helen F. Levy
Caren & Michael Levy
Johanna Lewis
John & Michele Lewis
Maureen & David Lewis
Bill Lewis
Sonia Lewis
Stephen Lewis & Michele Landsberg
Victoria Lewis
Janet Lichtenberger
Dick & Beth Lightbown
Rob Lightfoot
Linda Lindenfelser
Christine Lincoln
Carole Lindsay
David & Charmaine Lindsay
Cathy Lindsey & Friends
Stan & Nancy Linkovich
James Linn & Kathryn L. Ossian
Peter Linn
Frieda Lipp
John Lipsitz & Maria Scrivani
Ed & Caroline Liptay
Richard & Lynne Liptrap
Randy Lisk
Kim Lister
Mary Lister
Laura Lloyd-Carella
Margaret Lo
Mary Loafmann
Carol Loberg
Gloria & Donald Lochte
Gail & Norman Lockington
Liana Loduca
Emmet Logue
Laurie Logan
Tom & Rosemary Logan
Linda Lokk
Carlos Londono
Oliver & Gillian Long
Lynda Long
Shelley Long
Dr. Jeffrey Loo & Diane Kautz
Karen Loth
Eugene & Remia Lovell
Betty Love
Donald Love and Lynn Cross
Kathy and Bob Lovell & friends
Marg & Jeff Low
Doug Lowe
Lillian Lowe
Katherine Lowings
Dr. Scott Lowrey
Teresa Loy
Joanna Watts
Donald & Susan Lubick
Keith and Elizabeth Lublin
Kenneth Luby
Rebecca Luce-Kapler
Joe & Giselle Lucier
Helen & Brian Luckman
Denise Ludwig
Bernard & Roswitha Lugauer
Robert Lunney
George & Brenda Luszczewski
Marjory S. Luther
R. Theodore Lutz
John & Jean Luyt
LVG Entertainment Committee
Kathryn Lyle
Leah-Ann Lymer
Erika Lyon
Israel Lyon
Gwendolyn Lyons
Ken Lyons
Denise Lytle & Brian Hearn
Eileen and Gary MacDonald
Patricia MacKay
Sarah and Scott MacDonald
Tessa Macdonald & Gillian Wilson
John Macaulay
Elizabeth MacDonald
Flora Macdonald
Nancy MacDonald
John and Judith MacDonald
Joyce MacDonald
Vivian Macdonald & Moya Kennedy
Heather MacDougall
Carol & Stephen MacDougall
Joan M. MacGillivray
Bruce MacGregot
Michele Machowicz & Thomas Becvar
Alison Macintosh
R. Susan MacIntyre
L. Maciver
Joanne MacKenzie
Margaret & Bruce MacKenzie
Sheila Mackenzie & David Brubacher
Alistair MacLean & Gail MacAllister
Avery MacLean and Scott Suthren
Catherine MacLean
Jim Maclean
Janet MacLean
Jim MacLean
Ken MacLennan
Oriel MacLennan
Stuart & Terry Macmillan
Janice & Swaminathan Madhu
John & Lorraine Madill
Susan Magwood
Janice Mahony
Linda Main
Jeanne Maitland
Paul & Judy Majury
Gerald & Mary Maki
DeAnn Malyik
Bob & Marny Malcolmson
Desh Malhotra
Dr. Mario L. & Mrs. Barb Malizia
Elliott Jacobson & Judy Malkin
Kathryn Mallon
Philip & Margaret Maloney
Virginia Malter
Elizabeth Mansfield
Margaret Mantle & Elliot Zashin
Deena Mandell
Laura Manias
Barbara & Bill Mann
Don Mann
Ann Manrique
Tom Gorman & Wendy Mansbridge
Daniel & Maeva Marcus
Linda Marshall
Paul Maranger & Robert Brown
Kathryn March
Ron & Pete March
Frank & Patricia Marett
Leor Margulies & Seval Alkin
Jeanne & David Marler
Chris & Jen Marrocco
Cliff & Joyce Marsh
Susan L. Marsh
Elizabeth Marshall
Kerry Marshall
Lynda Marshall
Dr. Marilyn Marshall
Bill & Kenna Marshall
Margaret & Lawrence Marsland
David & June Marston
Tina Martimianakis
Brittany & Jason Martin
Donald Martin
Edward & Ann Martin
Frank & Paula Martin
Judi Pressman
Maria & Leon Martin
MJ Martin
Sandra Martin
Sue Martin
William & Agnes Martin
Peter Martindale
Mary Morton Tours
Marilyn Mass
Stephen Mascilo and Trevor Pinker
Susanna Maslak
Susan Masters
Robert Masci
Elizabeth Mason
Steve & Jennifer
Keith & Chris Masterman
Mary Jo Mastroianni
Lori Matusiak
Tom & Julie Mathien
Ted Matlow
Jennifer Matthews
Sue & Biff Matthews
Deborah Matz
Alex Mayer
Brian Mayhew
Alexandra Maynard
The Mays Family
Vivian & Christiane McAlister
Lee & Tressa McAllister
Helen McArthur
Kimberley and Robert McBean
Sally McBeth
Don McCutchan & Simone Lehmann
James McCowan
Mary McCall & friends
France & Michael McCabe
Bob & Cathy McCallum
R. & T. McCammon
Patrick McCartney & Wingchee Lee
Lorraine McCleland
Douglas McColl
Marjorie & Harold McColm
Mary Ann McConkey
John & Patricia McCormack
Beth McCosh
Beatriz McCowan
Christine McCoy
Michael & Margaret McCoy
Deborah & Grant McCulloch
Margaret McCully
Bill McCune
Patricia McDonnell
Bruce & Lucy McDiarmid
Basil McDonald & Linda Ratcliffe
Gail McDonald
Dr. Marilyn R. McDonald & Joe H. Folger
Stephen McDonald & Tracey Bailey
Nora & the late Vern McDonald
Isabell McDorman
Mary McDougall Maude
Patricia McDougall
Charles & Nancy McDowell
Mike & Allison McElhone
Mary McEllister & Dick Williams
Ross & Fran McElroy
Sandra McElroy
Lynn McEwan
George & Anne McFadyen
Patti McFarlane
Ken & Lois McFarquhar
Michael McGovern
Michael McGarry and Clare Hodge
Janette McGibbon
Helen McGill
Hunter McGill
Jean & Paul McGrath
Alric McGratten
Hugh McGregor & Colleen McGregor
Susan McGuire
Tom McHugh
Liz McIlwaine
Thomas E McIntee
Kara McIntosh
L. M. McIntyre
Donald R. McKay and Catherine Fortune
David & Linda McKay
Mary McKay
Susan A. McKee
Lesley McKeever
Olga McKellar
Pamela McKend
Kathleen Mckenzie
Gerry McKeon
Dr. Mark McKim
Dianne McKnight
Meg McLachlin & Kevin Reilly
Bruce & Ellen McLaren
Trish McLaren
Erin & Rich McLaughlin
Bonnie McLaurin
Al & Marian McLean
Brooke McLean
Emily Ann McLean
L. McLean
The Rev. Mark & Susan McLennan
Jean Anne McLeod & David Stones
Bob & Bev McMahon
Ann McMahon
Heather McMartin & David Lightheart
McMaster Nursing Class of 1965
Allan McMillan
Brian & Bonnie McNichol
Catherine McNair & Jean Lefebvre
J. McNally Family
Marnie McNally
Donna McNaught
Frances L. McPhedrain
C. McPherson
Lise Ouimet & John McPherson
Nancy McPherson
Leanne McPhie
Emily McQuaid
John McQuaker
Diana McQuirk
William Meaden
Rose Meagher
W. J. & Kay Meath
Heather Meehan
Gerry Meinzer
Brenda Meisels
Glenn Mellow
Kevin, Tania, & Jacqueline Meldrum
Mendes de Franca Family
Sandi & Paul Mennill
Beth and Bob Mepham
Dr. Paul Mercer & Dr. Nina Mercer
Brad Meredith & Arielle Cheifetz
Simone Merey
Kathleen Mermuys
The Mersol family
Denise Michalak
Alan Charles Middleton
Ann Middleton
Meryl Midler
Bruce Miller
Julie Miller
Bess Miller
Betty Miller
Eric & Nancy Miller
Eugene A. & Lois A. Miller
Gary A. Miller
Glenn Forbes Miller
Jane Miller
Jim & Lynda Miller
Kayla Miller
L. Miller & C. Lee
Lynn Miller & Louise Morwick
Margot & Doug Miller
Mary Anne Miller-Carr
Maureen Miller
Sheila A. Miller
Barbara Mills
Carole Mills
Frank & Patricia Mills
Dr. Pamela Milne
Ralph Milne
Robert Milne
Valerie & Jim Milostan
Eric & Shelley Mintz
Robin Minion
Sharon & Jerry Minler
Florence Minz
Ted Misek
Marg Misener
Emmy Misser
Sally & John Mitani
Marilyn Mitchell
Serena Mizzi & Miss Elizabeth Mizzi
Warren Moe
Alan Moffett
Doug Moles
Bonnie Molnar
Richard & Deborah Monk
Kelly & Sally Monaghan
Janet Monahan
Alec & Joyce Monro
Ilene Montana
Dr. & Mrs. Montemurro
Corinne Montgomery
Susan Montgomery
George & Dawn Moon
Deirdre & Dennis Moore
Gerard Moore
James Moore
Paul & Liana Moore
Rosalind Moore
Anatole Mori
Pat & Max Morden
Melanie Morel
Madie & Samm Morencie
James & Mary Morgan
Patrick & Dot Morgan
Rosemary Morgan
Susan Morgan
M. H. Morgenroth
George Morin
Louise Morley
Glen & Judi Morningstar
Pauline & Frederick Morris
Jim Morris
Evelyn Moskowitz & Robert J. Morris
Sally Morris
Jim Morrison
John & Kathy Morrison
Marion Morton
Erik and Carol Moeser
Katrina & Desmond Moser
Paul and Joan Moses
Larry & Debra Mosnyk
Donna Moss
Jennifer Mossop
C.D. Moulton
Marg & Gary Mousseau
Isabelle & Kieran McNamara
Jane Moysey
Michael Mroz
Kerry & A.J. Mueller
Valerie Mullen
Julian Mulock
Carol Muncaster
Bev Mundie & Lee Levers
Robert Mundie & Nicholas Galambos
Kathryn Munn
Nancy Munnoch
Fiona Munroe
John & Maureen Murphy
Kathryn Murphy
Matt & Gail Murphy
Terry Murphy
Anne Murphy
Edmund & Mary Murphy
Barbara & John Murray
Faye Murray
Peter & Karin Mussen
Elizabeth Myers
Lyndon Myers
Josie Myles
NAC Friends of English Theatre
Harvey & Barbara Naglie
Ellen Nagy
Richard Nancarrow
Catherine Nanton
Louis & Abigail Natenshon
Deborah A. Nathan
Stan & Mary Neal
Fred Neergaard
Carol Neil
John V. Nelson & Carol Oldenburg
Karen Nelson
Stewart & Denise Nelson
Gary Nemeth & Gail Jones-Nemeth
Deane & Mary Nesbitt
Susan Nesbitt
Richard & Patricia Neville
Nancy Nevins
Greg Newman
Anne Newbigging
Susan A. Andresen & J. Paul Newell
The Newitt Women
Richard Newland
Lorraine Newman
M. Haskell Newman & Jan Barney Newman
Linda Nicholls
Eva & Michael Nichols
Caroline Nicholson
Myrann Nickles
Sarah Nielsen
Mirina Nisbet
Margaret Nish
Ruthann Noble
James Noble
Peter & Susan Noble
Fernand Noel
Kathy Nolan-Garner
Dermot & Tamara Nolan
Trish Noordstra
Robert Noppe
Julie Normand
Sidney Norman
Marian Normandeau
Merle Northam
Betty Northey
Dr. Roy Norton
In Memory of Shirley Novo
Lynda Nuys
Mrs. Waltraut Nydam
Tom O’Shaughnessy
Thomas & Ania O'Brien
Carl O'Byrne & Daniel Suzuki
Terry & Eleanor O'Connor
Patricia O'Connor
Dick O'Connor
Thomas O'Connor
Ellen J. O'Flaherty
Murphy Megan O'Flaherty
Ron Hikel & Tricia O'Malley
Margaret O'Neill
Leisa O'Sullivan
April & Kevin Turner
Terri O'Brien
Mary-Jane Ogg
George F. Oleske & Carol Duncan
Paul & Carol Olinski
Lisa & Steve Oliphant
Donald & Barbara Olson
Susan N. Olsen
Lawrence Olszewski
Patricia Onion
Theo Anne Opie
Connie Orr
Rick & Jane Orr
Camille Orridge
Steffi Ortiz
Diane Osak & Steve Hurowitz
Robert & Donna Osterhout
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Ostfield
Ruth Ostrower
Suzann Ottewell
Catherine Ovens
Charles & Judy Overland
Evelyn Owen
Kristen Owen
Nancy K. Owens
Oxford Sand & Gravel Ltd.
Linda & Jonquil
Douglas G. Page QC
Johanne Palser
Barbara Palmer & Bob Fletcher
Susan & Tom Palmer
Sally Palmer
Susanne Palmer
Robert Parker, Marilyn Mast & Nancy Read
Bonnie Park
Don & Joan Park
Neil & Sharon Parkinson
Phil Passen & Barbara Gregorich
Kristin Pass & Keith McDermott
Emma Patterson
Ethel Patt
Elizabeth & David Paterson
Pat Paterson
Larry & Susie Patrick
Mary Patterson
Evelyn Paulssen
Betty Pavlov, William Pavlov, Diane Wolverton
Patricia Paveglio
I. Pawley
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Pawlowicz
David & Cathy Pawson
Carol & Wade Peacock
Colleen Pearce
Kate Pearce
Christine Pearson
Hilary Pearson & Michael Sabia
M. & P. Pearson
Nicholas Pearson
David & Deanne Pederson
Douglas & Sandra Peers
Dave & Liz Pelletier
Patricia Peloso
Dr. Peter & Barbara Peloso
P. Penty
Bruni Penzhorn
Danielle Pepin
Jan Pepper
Pat Perkel
Erica Peresman & David Jaffe
Mary Perez
Kayley Perfetto
Catherine Perkin
Mary-Ellen Perley
Gerry & Rachel Pernica
Annick Peron
Joan Peskin
Sarah- Michelle Petit
Steven Peters
Mr. & Mrs. D. Petepiece
Victor & Esther Peters
Maureen Peters
Jim & Liz Peterson
Laurette Peterson
Harry Petite
Catherine M. Pfaff
Linda Phaneuf
Linda Lee & Michael Pharoah
Wade & Tanya Phibbs
Kenneth W. Phifer
Memoree Philipp
Eve Phillips
Katherine Phillips
Stephen Phillips & Beverly Harris
Yvonne Phillips
Mark Philpott
Jim Pianosi
June Pick
Donna Pickel
Helen & Ted Pickett
Mary Pickett & Rich Teets
Robert Pilon
Norm Pilsworth
Robert Pinder
Terence & Helen Pires
Cathy Snider
Royal Pitchford
Dr. Paul & Mrs. Ruth Pitt
Nancy Pleich
Mike & Vickie Pocock
Adrian Polman
Barry & Mary Polack
Mary Ellen Polak
Kevin P. Polan
Innia Poliak
John Pollard
Jean Pollock
Peter & Angela Pontsa
Joe Poor
Michele McMaster
John & Jackie Porter
Anna & Julian Porter
Sharon Feldman & Louis Porter
Ann Posen
Sandra M. Posluns
Paul Potter & Beate Gundert
Rena Potter
Richard Potter & Joan Somerville
Chuck & Jenny Potts
Cheryl & William Povalla
John & Jane Powe
Darlene Powell
Don & Sally Powell
Brian and Jennifer Prather
Barbara Pratt
Dave Prentice
J. & S. Preyde
Adrienne Price
John & Carol Price
Richard & Mary Price
Serguei Primak
Jill Pritchard-Scott
Vicki Pritchard
Nichols & Pritzker
Paula Prociuk Blacklock
David Procner
John & Heather Proctor
Stephen Provencher & Carola Koitz
Chester & Marianne Psica
Jeff & Lise Psutka
John F. Psutka, MD
Kevin & Marcia Pufpaff
Mary E. Puls & Lewis D. Schlanbusch
Bryne Purchase
Anne Pyett
Gary & Merle Quart
Harold & Marilyn Quinn
Alan & Sandra Quirt
Val & Anita Rachlis
Donna & Mark Wilson
Ann Rae
Alec & Jocelyn Rait
Jarmo Raisanen
Chris & Pat Raible
David Rain
George Raithby
Carol Ramer
Melissa Ramsey
Fred & Cheryl Ranacher
Barbara Rand & Dr. Olaf Plotzke
Julia Rank
Ram Rapoport
Gail Rappolt
Jenn & Kathryn.
Marg Rataj & Else Droege
June Rathwell
Mira Ratkaj
Dyanne Ratner
The Rauschenberg Family
Alice Rawecki
Beverley Rawlings
Marilyn Raybould
Nichole Winger
Trevor S. Raymond
Maurianne Reade & Craig Maxwell
Sheelagh Reades
P. Reavy & D. Beatty
Larry & Jean Rechsteiner
Dave Redfield
Mr. & Mrs. James Reddy
John & Shirley Rednall
George Reeves
Dr. Patricia Reese
Nita & Don Reed
Wanda Reed & George Oatway
Kelly Regan
Patricia Regan
Sheilah Reid
Stephen & Alison Reid
Betsy Reilly
Karen & Paul Rempel
Candy Renard
Angela Renaud
Bonnie & Kenny Resinski
Peter and Susan Restler
Kate Revington
Ann K. Reynolds
Carol & Kerry Reynolds
Gay Reynolds
Greg and Nina Reynolds
J. Reynolds
Mary Reynolds
Cary & Kathryn Richert
Elizabeth Ann Richards
Susan B. Richardson
Michele Rice
Paul Rice & Karin Dahl
Peter Rice & Faye Grinberg
Sharon Rich
Doug & Kathie Richards
Hope Richards
Martha Richardson & Keith Beckley
Rhonda Richardson
Tom & Susan Richey
Alex Richman & Cheryl Misener
Audrey Richmond
Ms Carol Ridewood
Naomi Ridout & Terrence Thomas
Douglas Rienzo
Sue Rietschin
Frances Rigg
Janet Riggs
Sarah Rigler
Nancy Riley & Blake Murray
Maria Ringo
John & Julia Rinehart
C. Ritchie
Judith Ritchie
Diane Rivard
Margaret Rivard
Sandra Rizzetto
Thomas Roach
James & Joan Robertson
Thomas Robbins
Sharon Roberson
Bruce Roberts
Caroline Roberts
Lloyd & Nancy Robertson
Sally Bennett & Patricia Robertson
Sarah, Mike & Collin Robertson
Sharon Robertson
Stuart & Barbara Robertson
Charlotte C. Robinson
David & Jennifer Robinson
Geoff & Elaine Robinson
Laura Robison
Al & Marilyn Robson
Angela Rocchi
Gerry Rocchi & Kathie Drummond
Judy & Lorne Rochwerg
Judith & Wilson Rodger
Kevin & Teresa Rodger
Thomas & Gayle Rodger
Ann Rodgers
Amy & Charles Roehrig
Donna Roessler
Rolf & Joanne Rogde
Felix & Caroline Rogers
Nancy Rogers
Scott & Marianne Rogers
Eric Roher
Martin Rohn & Karen Scales
Derwyn & Nora Rokeby-Thomas
Brenda Rolfe
Steven & Laura Romanchak
Sylvia Romanik
Karen & Paul Romanson
Sharon Roppel
Arnold & Hannah Rosenblatt
Al and Mimi Rose
Judith & David Rose
Dr. David & Patricia Rose
Gordon Rose
Bill Rose
Barbara Rosenblum
Joan Rosenfield
Prue & Ami Rosenthal
James W. Ross
Susan Ross
David Rossouw
Paula & Paul Rostrup
Alice & Donald Roth
Rainer & Sharyn Rothfuss
Marie Rounding
Bronwyn Rowley
Pamela & Paul Rowcliffe
Alan Rowe & Bryan Blenkin
Mary Rowe
Dawn Rowell
Geoffrey Rowell
Kate Rowley
Wendy Rowney
Christian Roy
Rob & Nina Roy
Florence & David Rozelle
Dmitri Rubisov
Don Ruddies
Dr. David G.S. Ruddock & Margrethe Fredtoft Ruddock
Sandra Rudge
Ruth & Joseph Rudner
Joanne Ruediger
John Rupert
Jill V. Russell and Julie Belhaj
Betty L. Russell
Laurie Russell-Surajdeen
Lori Russell
Cairenn Russelo
Ina Mary Rutherford
Julie Rutishauser
Sherry Ryan
Vic & Amanda Ryan
Tony & Galina Rybczynski
Erick & Amy Ryberg
Judith Rycus
Reid Ryerson
John & Susan Sabine
Dr. Mitsuko Sada
Rob & Andrea Saffrey
Dr. Vinod & Mrs. Gail Sahney
Simon & Becky Salole
Sandra Salerno
Helen & Paul Salmon
Nancy Samuell
Hugh Sampson
Maureen L. Sampson
Wayne & Lynn Sanders
Pamela Sanders
Irene & Kim Sanderson
Paul & Jan Sanderson
Sharon Cookie Sandler
Joan Sandwith
Cecylia Podoski & Derwyn Sangster
Larry J. Santon
Evelyn Sargent
Mary Jane Sarjeant & Ron McClean
Gillian Saunders
Maria Saunders
Richard & Judy Saunders
Robert & Kathleen Saunders
Marion & Victoria Saunderson
Robert & Allison Savaria
Ann Savege
Mike Saver & Tony Boles
John Sayers & Eleanor Latta
Karen Saylor
Mark Scandling
Annerose Schmidt
June Schroeder
Melissa Schenk
Sandy & Alan Schwartz
Anthony Schafer & Carol Victor
Frank J. Schauerte
Marilyn Scheffel
David Schell & Margaret Murray
David & Judy Schiffman
Eric & Jill Schiller
Neil Schlotzhauer
Saundra Schmidt
Thomas Schmitz
Craig Schnabel & Susan Brown
Drs. Brynah & Clive Schneider-Friedman
Eric & Minto Schneider
William & Mary Schoenhardt
Kay Schonberger
Chris & Joan Schooley
Michael & Keri Schoonderwoerd
Brent Schreiber
Barbara & John Schubert
Andre Schuh & Catherine Eustace
Roger & Marilyn Schulz
The Schumacher family
Rebecca F. Schupbach
David and Judith Schurman
Bettie Schuurman
Donna Schwartzburg
Lynn & Larry Scoville
Mary Scobie & Paul Boughen
Dianne Scott
Helen & John Scott
Laurie Scott
Melanie Scott
Heather & Peter Scott
Fred & Jane Sweet
Sally & Larry Sears
Nadine Segal
Cynthia Self
Kaspar Selga
Catherine Sellens
David Sellers
Jill Sellers
Brenda Sellon
Marian Septer, Pauline Derry, Tanya Weichel & Jane Haslam
Katherine Seredynska
Mary Anne Sersen
John Sewell
Kathryn Derby & Bob Sexsmith
Robert & Joanne Shaw
Nancy Baker & Richard Shallhorn
Patricia Shantz
Susan & Philip Shantz
Diana Sharer
Robert & Charlotte Sharkey
Carol and Richey Sharrett
Dorothy Shaver
Jack Shaw
John D. & Catherine Shaw
Lynn & Mike Shaw
Bob Shaw
Tina Cerven-Shaw
James & Sandra Shaw
Joan MacGillivray
Harry Sheehan
Amy Sheldon
Marie Shelley
Peter J. Shepherd
Carol P. Sherman
Mr. & Mrs. James Sherman
Susan Klein & Stan Sherr
Ms Junko Shigemitsu
Victor & Rhoda Shields
Anne & John Shierlaw
Kim Shippey
Dawn Shivrattan
Michael & Susan Shkrum
Sandor & Mary Shoichet
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Short
Ann Shortell
Bill & Sandy Siebenschuh
Dr. Cathy J. Siebert
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth I. Siegel
Bruce & Terri Silverman
Marina Sillery
Mary Silcox
Ellen Simonds
Frederick & Mary Simms
Joe & Jeannie Simon
Barry & Dawn Simpson
Cheryl & Paul Simpson
Robert E. Simpson
William Simpson & Frances Renaud
Glen and Denita Sims
Janet Sabourin & Harvey Sims
Laurie Sinclair
Marcia J. Sinclair
Cheryl Sindall
Patricia K. Sinelli
Pat & Pekka Sinervo
Dr. Shiva Singh & Dr. Cathy George
Katherine A. Sirluck
Frankey Sisty
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Sjogren
Eric and Ann Skelton
Janet Skelton
Tom Skinner & Marlis Mann
Barbara M. Skrzynik
Heather Slater
Eric & Marsha Slavens
Kevin Sloan
Tom & Ruth Small
Carol Smale
Gil & Jackie Small
John & the late Gayle Smallbridge
Kelly Smeltzer
Charles Smith
Judith Smith
Adrienne & Arthur Smith-Windsor
Mr. & Mrs. Alex Smith
Barbara Smith
Sally, Susan & Caitlin Smith
Calvin & Katherine Smith
Caroline Smith
David Crawford Smith
John & Barara Smith
John Greg Smith
John R. Smith & Judy Roberts
Michael Smith
Nicholas Smith
Pamela & Charles R. Smith
Dr. Patrick Smith & Peter Coleridge
Peter & Connie Smith & Lynn Teahan
Peter J. Smith
Gloria & Steve Smith
Susan M. Smith
William & Mary Smith
Anne Smithers
Sheryl Smolkin & Joel Troster
Daphne & Ray Snelgrove
Ruthanne Snider
Richard Sniderman
Nancy Snowdon
Ross Snyder
Dr. Robert J. & Roberta Sokol
Claudia Solish
Rose Ann Soloway
Alan & Felicity Somerset
Philip Somerville
Evelyn K. Sommers
Jonita Sommerville
Warren Sorensen
Drs. Terry & Thomas Sosnowski
Dr. Diane M. Soubly
Robert Spadoni
Barbara & Harvey Sparks
Lesley Sparks
Dr. Sandi Spaulding
Trish Spaulding
Ruth Spearing
Tim Speed
Alan & Geraldine Sperling
L. Spirak
Lloyd Spitzig & Minh Nguyen
April Sprague
Andy & Helen Spriet
Ingrid Sproxton
Luc St-Amour
Judy St-Jean
Christine St. Lawrence
David Stamper
Dr. Marjorie Starkman
Fredrick Standeven
J. Staniforth
Joyce Stankiewicz
Brenda & Robert Stanton
Susan Starkman
Ann Marie Stasiuk & Rick Matthews
Carol & J.J. Steinbuhler
Linda Stevenson
Lynda Stephens
Mark Steinman
Mary Stewart
Don & Karen Stearns
Apollonia Steele
Jim Steele
Marion Steele
John & Cindy Steep
Joyce Steffler
Karen Steinhard
Annette Stelmachuk
Carole Stelmack
Jenny Stephens
Laurie Stephens
Carol Stephenson
Mollyann Stephenson
Fran & Neil Stephenson
Nancy Sternberg
Anne Stevens
Carol Stevens
E. Margaret Stevens
Gail Stevens
Mary Stevens & Fred Johnson
Bonnie Stevenson
Barbara L Stewart
Connie Stewart
Janet E. Stewart
L.R. Stewart Jr. & Nadine Stewart
Sharon Stewart
William Stewart & Sylvia Davis
Fern Stimpson
Marta Stiteler
Erika Stichhaller
Dr. M. Stinson
Robert Stitt
W.D.Stockard & B.A.I. Bryan
Dagmar & Jan Stodola
David & Beverley Stone
Hennie Stork
Mary Stott
William & Janice Stover
Ronald & Margaret Strain
Stuart & Marty Mailina
Kerry Stuckey
George & Margaret Sturgess
Geoff & Bev Suderman-Gladwell
Erik Sudmals
Jennifer Sullivan
Virginia Sullivan
Father Anthony Sulkowski
Ken & Joan Sumnall
John & Jean Susko
Felicity Sutcliff and Geoff Williams
Heather Sutherland
Nancy Sutherland
Mrs. Margaret C. Sutton
Richard & Sharon Swain.
Karen & Stan Swain
Pete & Laura Swallos
Ms. Sorena Swartz
Donna Sweet
Fred & Jane Sweet
Barbara Swimmer
Robert & Lynn Swingle
Jamie & Laurie Syer
Denis Sykora
Marilyn C. Sylvester
Linda Szasz
Melinda Szilva & Jeffrey Fila
David Szymborski & Marilyn Sicklesteel
Jennifer & Andrew Tafler
James & Vikki Tait
Marlene Tait
Charles & Kathryn Talbot
Sue & Craig Tallman
Shannon Wood
Dom Tassielli & Elena Pastura
Andrea Taylor & Beth Toombs
Brian Taylor
Chuck & Lynn Taylor
Cynthia Taylor
Dr. David Taylor
John Michael Taylor
Lori Taylor
Neil Taylor
Rod & Ruth Taylor
Ruth Taylor
Shirley Taylor
Will & Carol Taylor
Richard Tazik
Kelley Teahen & Christopher Moorehead
Christine Teeple
Don & Janet Templeton
Janine Ternan Lachey
Ilene Patty & Tom Terpstra
Jackie Terry
Anne Tesluk
Linda Tessari
Sue Thach
David & Barbara Thamer
Nancy Theberge
Nancy Theisen
Ana & John Thompson
Jill Thomson
Karen Thompson
David Thomas
Anne Thomlison & Walter Downs
D. E. Thompson
Deborah Thompson
Elizabeth Thompson & Mary Koch
Erwin H. Thompson
John Thompson
Keith & Marion Thompson
Kim & Dave Thompson
Penny C. Thompson
Anne Thomson-King
Cynthia Thornewell
Alice & Tim Thornton
Ed Thrasher & Patti Narozynski
Dr. M. Lynne Thurling
Gerry & Mary Thuss
Ashley & Shelley Tidy
In memory of Ria Tietz
Sandy Tigchelaar
Susan Tilk
Molly Tinsley
Ron Tiplady
Gordon Tobias
Neil & Jo-Ann Tobin
Stephanie Todd
Peter & Linda Tolias
Gail Tolley & Mark Yakabuski
Deborah Tomlinson
Richard Tomlin
Patricia Tomasik
Gerald Toogood
Janis Topp
Laurel Torlov
Barbara Torpey
John Torry
Anne Tough
Mr. & Mrs. Tovell
James Traquair
Dan Tregunno
The Tremayne Family
April Truant
Josephine Trubek
Marjorie Tuck & David Hunt
Krista Tucker Petrick
Ross Tucker
William Tucker
Frances & Tim Tufts
Bettie & Mark Tullis
Valerie Tung
Kerry Turcotte
Liliana Turczyniak
John Turnecliff
Margaret Jane Turner
Ronald B. Turner
Vernon G. Turner
William Turner
Riki Turofsky & Charles Petersen
David & Heather Tuttle
Robert Tweadey
Jessie & Ron Twigg
Irene & Tim Tyhurst
Rev. Gary Tyman
Rosalie Tyner and Thomas W. Anderson
Jan Tyrrell
Godfrey & Mary Udoji
Ukrainian Women's Organization
Esther Ullman & Morley Witus
Robert & Chirstine Ullmann
Gregory Uss
Raj & Tracey Vadera
Jeannette Valeriote
Chantal Vallis
Mary-Joan Vallis
Dirk Van Alstyne & Sharon Wang
Vicki Van Atta
Kirsten Van Drunen
Dana & Leon Van Dyke
Margaret Rutherford & Dean Van Hooydonk
Brent & Helen Van Osch
James van Raalte & Natasha Pateman
Carla Van Beek-Paterson
The Van Dam Family
Louise & Mark Vandenbosch
Bill VandenBygaart
Martha Vander Kolk
Linda Vanderburgt
Mary Vanderhoeven, Bonnie Windover, Inez Boehme
Karla & Hugo Vandersypen
Ken & Beverly Varley
Sandra Varty
Brian & Joan Vaughan
Hugo Vega
Eugenia Venchiarutti
Stephanie Venne
Sally Vernon
Dr. Thomas Verny & Sandra Collier
Mair Verthuy
Susanne Vesely
Dale Vibert
Victory Family
Carlo M. Vigna
Cynthia Vink
Jacqueline Vinovich
Al & Anne Visser
Dr. Louise Vitou
Dr. Nancy J. Vivian
Béatrice Vizkelety
Doris Von Gernet
Grant and Robin Von Wald
Dr. Amy Von Heyking
Stephanie & Joe Vorstermans
Lorraine Waddell
Linda Wagler
Mr. & Mrs. Henry M. Wagner
Marie-Laure Wagner
Helen Wainman
R. Wainwright
Devin Sturdy & Sean Waite
Ronald Wallace
N. G. Walden
Douglas Walker
Jane Walker & Elaine Radu
Merrily Walker
Nick & Marg Walker
Rick & Virginia Walker
Martha Wall
Leo J. & Karen Walsh
John Walter
Kimberly Wang
Carl & Janice Wangman
Janet Warmbir
Kathryn Ward
Marilyn & Rae Waring
Mary Ward
Pat Ward
Joan Waricha
Karen Warner
Trudy Warner
Dorothy Washbern
Janet Wason
Barbara Wasserman
Gwyneth Watkins
Jim & Trudy Watson
J. T. Watson
Lee Watson & Michael Bellmore
Sherri Watson
Sue & Steve Watson
Doug Watters
Jane Waun
Harvey & Robin Wax
Dr. Ellen C. Schwartz & Dr. Frank Whelon Wayman
Alfred & Elizabeth Waymann
Susan M. Weaver
Paul Webb
Richard O. Webb
Ken Weber
Mark & Nance Weber
Margaret Webert
Fiona & Greg Webster
John Webster
Peter & Kathy Wege
Dr. Emmaline Weidman
Jean Weihs
Adrian Alex Wellington
Nancy Wellman
Stephen & Martha Wenn
Karen & Ron Wertheimer
Bruce Westlake & Linda TerHaar
Dianne & Gary Westlake
D. Eleanor Westney
Morag McMillan
Christine Whatley & Michael O'Beirn
Richard Wheelband
Katie and Doug Wheeler
Dr. Beth Whitted & Peter M. Rodgers
Michael Whitcombe & Dianne Lemieux
Holly White
Ian White
Jack White & Nancy Staub
Linda Whitehead
Michael & Krista Whiting
Mark & Margaret Whitley
Mark & Eva Whitmore
Bill & Lynn Whittemore
Ron Whyte
Glenn R. Wichman
Carol Wickham
Tim & Arlinda Wickland
Anne-Marie Widner
Sue Wiemer & Mark Tennison
Dr. Blossom Wigdor C.M. & Dr. Clayton Switzer
Barbara J. Williams
Disa Wilson
Heather Wilford & Chris Watson
Mary V. Williams
Ron Wilker
Sandy Williams
Peter Wilcox
Linda Wiles
Nancy Wilk
Paul & Mary Jane Wilker
Paula Wilkie
Ann Wilkinson
Gail A. Wilkinson
Mary & Mark Wilkinson
Brian D. Williams
Christine Williams
Joy & David Williams
Lucy Williams
Lynn Williams
Margaret Williams
Jim & Nadine Williamson
Dr. Karen Williamson
Shirley Willis
Andrew & Dorothy Wilson
Dorothy Wilson
Galen & Betsy Wilson
Lynda Wilson
Michael & Susan Wilson
Phyllis Wilson
Rebecca Wilson & Jim Naughton
Sue Wilson
Terry Wilson
Tim Wilson
W. Barrie Wilson
Vida Winegarden
The Winiker Family
Darlene Winters & Ron Gillis
Dr. Margaret E. Winters & Dr. Geoffrey S. Nathan
Nancy Winters
Max & Mary Wisgerhof
Ekizabeth Witmer
Jim & Marietta Witt
Rob Witter
Andrea & Ted Witzel
David & Katie Woelfle
Drs. Krystyna Wojakowski & Bruce Murray
John & Mitzi Wolf
Kay Wolfer
Kitty Wong
Janet Lynn Wood
R. & A. Wood
Gerda Wood
Janet Wood
Nancy Wood
Sandy Woodcock
Donald & Janice Woodley
Deb Woods
Don & Harriet Woodside
James & Carole Wortley
Tracy Workman
L. World
Ronald & Helen Worton
Leslie & John Wright
Nancy Wright
Noel Wright
Paul C. Wright & Ute von der Heyden
Dr. Sue A. Martin
Kathryn Wycliffe
Betty Jane Wylie
John Wylie
Julie & Jerry Yaffee
Ruth Yantha
Catherine Yee-Agacinski and Sheryl Weinan Yee
Debra Yeo Boland
Howard and Roberta Young
Margaret Young
Richard & Susan Young
Wendy Young & Dave Moryas
David & Dayle Youngs
Dr. Zobeidah Youssef
Russell Yurkow
Jim & Rose Zacks
Victor & Sarah Zamin
Lynn Zehr
Anne Crawford Zeidman
Gregory Alan and Bernadette Mary Zemenick, Robert and Patrice Ticknor
Pia Zeni
Mary Lou Zieve
Lynn Zimmerman
Alec Zimmerman & Susan Gillespie
David Zimmerman
Jim & Janice Zinser
Kathleen Zipper
June Zoerhof
Elizabeth Zorowitz
David Zussman & Sheridan Scott