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Photograph of the Avon River in Stratford



Tribute gifts offer a unique and meaningful opportunity to remember and recognize the special people in our lives. 

The gifts below have been made between January 1, 2022 and November 16, 2022.


Henry & Lykke Brandemark
Sharon Butler
John Cassaday
Colm Feore
Elizabeth Gaffney
Jean Howard
Peter & Theresa Hyland
Mark James
Linda & Robert Jenkins
Rev. Robert Leland
Janet Levine
Arlene Lewis
Bev Nicholson
Stephen Ouimette
Cathy & John Phillips
Valerie Pinder
Sandra & Jim Pitblado
Peter & Susan Restler
Linda Rexer
Martie Sachs
Esther Sarick
Janice Segal
Rachel Smith-Spencer
Carol Stephenson
Stratford Festival Front of House Team
Stratford Festival Wardrobe Department
Ezra Wreford
Jeremy Wreford
In honour of Jane Laird on her special birthday
In honour of John Schubert


Mickey Alexander
Thomas A. Ashwell
Stephanie Amster
Donald Chapin
Michael Clancy
Cathie Crozier
David Cullen
Hilary Culp
Anita David
Mary F. Elder
Betty Freisen
Patricia Hays Forsythe
Rose Godfrey
Richard Healy
Martha Henry
Alice G. Herbert
Jane G. Hill
John & Doreen Hobbs
Ted Jeffrey
Shirley Jones
Lois Keller
Moya Kennedy
Margaret “Mike” King
Lawrence Leck
Mado & Kim Lie
Malcom S. Macdonald
Jack Masterman
Janeen McAdam
Barbara McCaw
Sally McCluskey
Charles F. Moles
Alice O'Connor
Robert J. Potters
Anita Rochman
Pamela Rowcliffe
Noelle Saville
Laurence M. Scoville Jr.
Lynn Scoville
John D. Shaw
Alexander Lionel Smith
Helen Smith
Steve Tatrallyay
Gail Tolley
Kathleen Wernick
Sharyl Westveer
Donald Woodley