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Up close of a person holding a microphone with an audience in the background.

PWC Event


Eaton Lounge, Festival Theatre
July 12, 2024 – September 20, 2024
11:00 a.m. to noon

Join us for immersive chats with Festival staff from various areas to learn how their work helps create each magical season.

These free chats are exclusive to PWC Members. Registration is required due to limited capacity.

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July 12 – with Ari Weinberg, Casting Director: “The casting process from auditions to rehearsals.”

July 19 – with Elissa Horscroft, Director of Production: “Managing four theatres and a Forum too!

July 26 – with Melissa Veal, Wigs and Makeup: “Creating authentic and believable characters.

August 9 – with Keith Barker, Director of the Foerster Bernstein New Play Development Program: “Research and development for new stories and new voices.

August 16 – with Eleanor Creelman, Technical Director, Avon Theatre: “Technical developments behind the curtain.

August 23 – with Dave Auster, Executive Producer: “The business of theatre.

September 6 – with Kathy Orlando, Properties Buyer and Erin Michelle Steele, Costume Buyer: “To buy or not to buy.

September 13 – with Sandy Davis, Costume and Props Warehouse Coordinator: “The biggest Tickle Trunk you’ve ever seen!

September 20 – with Melissa Rood, Stage Manager, Cymbeline: “Debunking mythology about the role of the stage manager.


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Fri, Jul 19
11:00 AM
Fri, Jul 26
11:00 AM