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Festival Theatre
Monday, September 14
8 pm onwards

Back by popular demand! After last fall’s high-energy, hilarious show, Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood are returning to Stratford! In their own words

"The world's funniest improv show, featuring the brilliant comic stylings of Brad Sherwood and his addle-brained sidekick, Colin Mochrie. It is the longest running international improv show on planet earth, we think." - Brad Sherwood

"An evening of interactive comedy with big belly laughs supplied by improv icon Colin Mochrie and eye candy for the visually impaired by Brad Sherwood. The most fun you can have with a theatre full of people that's legal and doesn't include washing up." - Colin Mochrie

Here are some things you should know:

  • The evening starts at 8 pm.
  • The performance is completely made up on the spot (aka“improvised”!) and has no intermission.
  • It’s not suitable for babes in arms, but is (from Colin and Brad’s point of view) safe for families, and teens will love it. Colin and Brad are not responsible for audience suggestions.
  • Bring tissues, so you can dry your tears of laughter.
  • The entire show is driven by audience participation. Audience members yell out suggestions and Colin and Brad do the rest. Expect the unexpected. 


This performance is a fundraising event to support the World Festival of Children’s Theatre, coming to Stratford in June 2016. Please join us in the lobby after the show to bid on silent auction items, say hi to Colin and Brad, have a drink, or buy a copy of Colin’s book “Not Quite the Classics”. 

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