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Cultural Diplomacy



Lazaridis Hall, Tom Patterson Theatre
Sunday, September 22, 2024
10:30 a.m. - noon
Scholars and Experts Week

Scholars and experts explore the playbill, bringing insight and experience to discussions around the impact of art, even when circumstance would see it obscured or contained

Cultural Diplomacy

It has been the policy of the U.S. State Department to support both American artists performing abroad and foreign artists touring the United States. Arthur Miller’s sojourn in Beijing to direct Death of a Salesman in 1983 can be viewed in this context. Canada and other nations also promote their culture, viewing it as a kind of "soft power". Join Co-Founder of the North American Cultural Diplomacy Initiative Sascha Priewe, CEO of the National Arts Centre Christopher Deacon, and other experts in a conversation moderated by Deanna Horton as they examine cultural diplomacy past and present.

Support for The Meighen Forum is generously provided by Kelly & Michael Meighen and the T.R. Meighen Family Foundation.

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Sun, Sep 22
10:30 AM