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Lazaridis Hall, Tom Patterson Theatre
Friday, September 22, 2023
8:00 to 10:00 p.m.
Encountering Ukraine: Readings in Solidarity

War. Witness. Heroic resistance. From the early 20th century to today, Ukrainian playwrights have epitomized their fellow compatriots' distinct grit, humour and imagination through challenging and troubling times. Curated by Ukrainian-Canadian artist and activist Andrew Kushnir, this reading series of plays-in-translation represents some of the best of Ukraine's theatre and showcases how artists help define and defend the culture of a people.

Cassandra: A Dramatic Poem by Lesya Ukrainka, translated by Nina Murray

Among Ukraine’s greatest literary figures and feminist activists, Ukrainka at the age of 13 chose the penname “Ukrainian Woman”. In Cassandra, she spotlights one of the more marginal characters of the Trojan War and offers us a remarkably timely play about fighting for the truth, even when no one believes you.

Ensemble includes: Alon Nashman, Brenda Robins, Eva Foote, Justin Otto, Karl Ang, Mariya Khomutova, Ryan Boyko, Sophia Walker, Tim Campbell

Funded (in part) by the Shevchenko Foundation, Ukrainian Canadian Veterans Fund.

© 2023 President and Fellows of Harvard College
Lesya Ukrainka, Cassandra: A Dramatic Poem, translated by Nina Murray, introduced by Marko Pavlyshyn.
Cambridge, Mass: Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, 2023. 

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