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Archival shot of props in the Warehouse

Tours and Exhibits


Stratford Festival Archives & Warehouse - 350 Douro Street, Stratford
June 18, 2024 – October 24, 2024
11:00 a.m.

Archives & Warehouse – 350 Douro Street, Stratford


Join us for a deep dive into the hidden treasures of our costume and prop warehouse and then visit our amazing Festival Archives! Discover thousands of artifacts from seasons past, and learn about the creation, use, and preservation of these amazing creations! Please note that there is limited ability to sit or rest during the course of the tour. Each tour lasts one hour and is accessible. 

Learning about the intricacies that go on 'behind the scenes' adds so much to one's appreciation of the performances. Seeing all those thousands of costumes and prop pieces—and learning about the research, cleverness and time that go into creating them was fascinating!!!

Festival Treasures Tour participant

Please meet your guide at the Stratford Festival Archives & Warehouse located at 350 Douro St, Stratford, ON. Cameras welcome.


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