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Masonic Hall, 15 Church St, Stratford
July 21 – July 23
Varying times
Hamlet: The Student Matinée is set at the Stratford Festival on a Wednesday afternoon in the present; and in the Underworld in infinity. The time is out of joint, not only for Shakespeare's Hamlet, but for Guinness Menzies, the actor who is playing him on the Festival stage.  A funny thing happens to Guinness on his way to the theatre: he stumbles into the Underworld, where, with a dead comedian as a guide, a demonic Siri as the Sybil who sets him three tasks, and a rock band that has the power to awaken dead hearts, Guinness struggles to make it back to the theatre in time for curtain. 

Join us as we lift the veils on this exciting new work-in-progress by collaborators Torquil Campbell, Alisa Palmer, Ann-Marie MacDonald and STARS.


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